Is JAMstack SEO-friendly?

by Dipti Kumari Digital Marketing
JAMstack has disrupted the whole web development ecosystem with its new architecture for the web. Experts still feel that it might not work well for the search engines and affect the SEO of the websites built on JAMstack. 

JAMstack web development is still not accepted by everyone but in reality, they are just losing customers by not switching to JAMstack. 

A common argument in favor of the JAMstack is that serving sites statically via a CDN is better for SEO. Compared to their dynamic counterparts, static assets excel when it comes to SEO chiefly because of performance. A faster load time means better SEO since search engines prioritize load times when indexing a site. Even so, relying on the nature of static content (to load fast) alone is insufficient for a healthy SEO strategy. It fails to account and optimize for other metrics like mobile traffic, and how your site performs within the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). Because JAMstack sites favor pre-rendering over server-side rendering, structuring content to meet SEO goals is a small, albeit intentional task.

Here are 4 tips to enhance your JAMstack site's SEO performance:

1) Mobile Responsive: 80% of the users browse the websites through their mobile phones only. Many static site generators are set up to practice Responsive Web Design out of the box. To verify that, look in your layouts or templates, and make sure the following line is in your <head> HTML tag:

<meta name=""viewport"" content=""width=device-width, initial-scale=10"">

You can then define rules for various screen sizes using CSS media queries, which are part of the standard CSS library and work on all modern browsers.

2) Use HTTPS: SSL certification is very necessary to gain Google's trust in ranking their website on top. Google ensures that the end-user is accessing a secured website and that is why if your site is not having an SSL certification then you may never be able to reach the top in Google.

3) Managed Structure: The click-through rate (CTR) plays a vital role in generating organic traffic on the website and that is why it is necessary to have the content and elements on the website well structured by the use of Sitemaps and proper layout. Other than the elements, Google also gives high importance to the URL structure and that also needs to be maintained well for better SEO performance. 

4) High Speed: Though JAMstack sites are fast if you stuff your website with unnecessary scripts and elements then it is bound to get slower.  All modern browsers support the new srcset attribute on img tags, to some degree. The plethora of options this offers can quickly overwhelm you, but the most basic usage can give still give you a lot of mileage. Just add a srcset attribute to your img, specifying an image to use for 1x pixel density, 2x pixel density, and 3x pixel density, and then let the browser worry about picking the best image.


So that's how you can ensure that your JAMstack website is SEO friendly and if you are someone who is still having the question "What is JAMstack?" then now is the time to know more about JAMstack and JAMstack web development because it's no more the future. It's the present!"

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