Is It Worth Investing in Blue Light Blocking Lenses?

by BluTech Lenses Blue Light Filter Glasses

A pair of blue-blocking lenses works to protect your vision against the harmful effects of blue light emitted from various external sources around you. The progressive technology of these lenses blocks or filters out the damaging blue light and prevents it from entering your eyes.

Besides environmental lighting, computer or phone screens are a significant source of all that blue light getting into your eyes. Limiting your screen time is one of the best ways to control the exposure. But this does not seem to be a viable solution; moreover, there is no protection.

This is why considering blue light blocking lenses or glasses is a crucial decision to make. These work, unlike filters that may go over individual screens. Blue blocking glasses go with you to limit your exposure to blue light and strain your eyes a lot lesser.  

Why Care About Blue Light?

When you are continuously exposed to blue light-emitting from screens or the environment, you tend to:

  • Experience wakefulness
  • Feel anxious
  • Strain the eyes
  • Ruin sleep cycles

Blue light emitted from the sun is often balanced by other colors, as well as the infrared/ ultraviolet light.

However, modern electronics such as fluorescent and LED bulbs, smartphones, and computers, emit all the more light without even balancing other types of lights.

So, if you are someone who spends most of their time inside, blue light is even more harmful to you. Thus, having blue-blocking glasses is the simplest solution – these exhibit less leakage and offer tons of other health benefits.

Blue Blockers to Your Rescue

Talking of fit-over glasses, these do not darken your vision. There is a specific tint on the glasses, but that is where all the good stuff lies. Clear glasses do no good. On the other hand, Amber lenses absorb the blue light short wave very well and not let it pass onto the eyes.

If you choose glasses over lenses, daytime glasses are usually recommended when you are more exposed to a computer, television screens, or other artificial light during the day.

Nighttime blue-blocking glasses are great, for these provide enhanced protection to your eyes and eliminate as much blue light as possible. Such glasses may allow longer wavelengths to pass through, but studies indicate that such waves leave no harmful impact on the eyes. Clear lenses may be able to serve the purpose but not too sufficiently.

Wearing blue-blocking amber glasses helps stimulate better sleep cycles and a happier mood. Not just that, such glasses also act as an anti-fatigue layer on your eyes to improve visual exhaustion, reduce glare, help with insomnia, and give you a relaxed vision all day long.

To Conclude

You deserve the best – so talk to your nearest blue light glasses dealers to discuss the suitable options. Most blue light blockers do not work the way they claim. So, it is essential to learn what is best for you. To put simple, right fit and the right purpose are what you must go for.

The rest is on you; whatever glasses you choose, these are worth the investment. You may not observe immediate effects, but you will see that it certainly helps manage your daily blue light consumption over time.

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