Is It Effective To Have Hair Transplant On Crown Area Of Scalp?

by Andrew Martin Health Consultant

Losing your hair can be a nightmare. Today, when people are very much aware of their looks hair loss can be very demotivating and mentally challenging incident. Earlier people identified hair loss as ageing signs but presently the younger people are also facing the hair loss issue.

Hair loss definitely affects not only the personal lives but also affects the professional life these days. Employers looks for youthful employees and hair loss can be a halt in boosting your confidence.

Hair transplant has been found to be the most chosen treatment for hair loss. Let’s understand the process of hair loss and know whether the hair transplant is an over rated treatment or is really the best way to fight back your baldness.

Basic pattern of hair loss

The hair loss usually initiates from the frontal area as receding hairline or as a patch of hair loss in the central area. The frontal and vertex hair loss progresses and co lease to form a bigger bald area. The bald area extends to involve the major option of your scalp in advanced stages leaving a band of hair at the back and sides of the head. The band of hair at the back and sides of the head is left because of the properties of hair at this region which is DHT resistant. These hair roots are not influenced by the androgen hormones and thus stay for lifetime.

Stages of hair loss

The severity of hair loss is classified by Norwood classification. It defines the hair loss into 7 stages or grades that are explained as follows:

Class I: Entire hairline lies high on the forehead and is not actually balding.

Class II: Triangular areas of recession in the sides of frontal area and minimal recession on mid frontal area.

Class III: Borderline case. Deepening of triangular recession or can include thinning of hair on the vertex.

Class IV: Further frontal hair loss and widening of hair loss from vertex but still a wide band of hair present separating frontal and vertex hair loss.

Class V: Widening of frontal and vertex hair loss and continual breaking of separation line of hairs between frontal and vertex baldness.

Class VI: Band or bridge of hair disappear merging frontal and vertex baldness.

Class VII: A band of hair presents only in back and side of the head.

The treatment for hair loss is decided based on the level of baldness. In early hair loss, medicines or PRP therapy is often tried. Hair transplant is the treatment modality when the hair loss is frank and cannot be treated by other non-surgical options.

Best effective hair loss treatment

Hair transplant has emerged as the most effective way to deal with your baldness. This is absolutely true. The popularity of hair transplant is due to the numerous benefits of the procedure.

The procedure of hair transplant is performed by picking the hair roots from the specific sites of your body that possess permanent hair roots. These permanent hair roots are then transplanted at the desired bald area. The procedure can be performed by using either the FUT method or FUE method. These methods differ in their way of harvesting the hair roots and the transplantation process in both the techniques stays the same.

The hair transplant has been the top choice of the hair loss sufferers because:

1.      It provides the permanent solution to your hair loss problem. Hair transplant is a onetime investment for your life time solution of hair loss.

2.      The results after hair transplant can look absolutely natural and undetectable.

3.      The hair transplant is a hassle free option as it does not demand any sort of maintenance and replacements.

4.      The procedure is absolutely painless and you can also get maximum hair growth following hair transplant.

So far, hair transplant in India has been well liked by people all across the globe. From over decades, people are choosing the reputed hair transplant centres in India for the procedure. The hair transplant cost in India is genuinely reasonable comparing to the other western countries despite the similar quality of services. Thus, if you are looking for the best hair transplant then Medispa hair transplant clinic is the prime destination for a dream come true experience of complete hair loss treatment.

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