Is Cellphone Radiation Anything to Worry About?

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Can a mobile device cause cancer?  If it is really true that radiofrequency can have a life-threatening effect on your health, what is the counter solution? 

There are many news circulated each day which encourage masses to go for devices which protects them from electromagnetic radiation, companies like Vortex Bioshield and others have shown positive growth in the sale of cellphone radiation protection devices.

Are Cellphones dangerous?

Cellphone do emit electromagnetic radiation and here are some points that will prove it right-

Radiofrequency and radiations emitted by cell phones can be absorbed by the body parts which are nearest to it, like while talking on the phone it is nearest to ears.

An increasing number of mobile devices are also a major concern, around 400 million phone subscribers have registered in the United States alone in 2017.  

Interaction with Children 

The debate regarding child safety and cellular devices is a hot topic and there have been many studies which show that radiation coming from mobile phones can be harmful for kids. 

In a joint study of United States National studies for Toxicology it was found that when a group of mice were exposed to mobile radiation, the particular group of mice grew chances for brain tumor. 

The reports also suggested that the chances of a brain tumor rise if cellphones are used from very young age. All above mentioned hazards also give rise to products like cellphone radiation protectors.

What is Radio Frequencies Radiation?

Radio frequencies radiation are electromagnetic radiation. You might find it amazing but the light we see are also a form of electromagnetic radiation. Yes, human have been around radiofrequency radiation since the day we have our sun.

We have been using electromagnetic radiation and have been around them from the day life begins on earth. We identified electromagnetic radiation and light, we started to use them for our benefits like X-rays, mobile, radios, remote control devices etc. are just few examples.

Electromagnetic Radiations are Dangerous?

Yes, electromagnetic radiation can be dangerous and it is true that interaction with electromagnetic radiation can get cancer. Before you panic you need to understand that not all electromagnetic radiations are dangerous there is certain spectrum of electromagnetic radiation which interacts with you.


It is still not clear that the cellphone radiations are harmful, but growing researches and debates shows some signs of interaction of electromagnetic radiation devices with human body.

If you are concerned about the safety you can find many companies such as Vortex Bioshield that come up with Cellphone radiation protectors, a range of accessories which you can be used for protecting your kids and your family from the dangers of cellphone radiations.

You might never get sick due to cellphone radiation, but until it is not proven it is better to have precautions. The war between researches and cellphone companies is ongoing, and they are yet to conclude anything it is better if we take charge of our health in our hand. 

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