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The age of hybrid work is here, where people have more freedom to work wherever and whenever they choose to! In addition to improving productivity, there are many ways that Artificial Intelligence can help your business thrive in this work setting and make your life easier. From reminding you to pay for the lease of AI software to taking your clients' inquiries, AI has become integral in today's business environment. This blog will walk you through some ways that AI can help your business if you have a mix of office-based and remote working teams. 

What Is a Hybrid Work Setting?

Workers are not bound to just one work environment in hybrid work settings. They move between working remotely and in offices depending on what is needed. The key components of these working environments are technology and personal communication skills. By using tech to communicate with other people, you can keep remote employees connected to your company without requiring physical presence from them at all times. 

By having access to instant communication and up-to-date data, remote employees have no reason not to be as productive as those who work in an office or onsite. For example, your virtual assistant will find information for you, schedule meetings, and generally make your life easier by getting things done more quickly than a human assistant could ever hope. How can you deploy artificial intelligence to make a hybrid setting work for your business?

Use AI Project Management Tools for Remote Teams

Overwhelmed with keeping track of everyone's work on your hybrid team? Are you looking for an easier way to assign tasks and check in on team members when you can't be there in person? Consider getting some artificial intelligence tools that can help. 

These tools allow you to assign tasks and track performance, even if your team is remote. Working remotely just got easier with fewer meetings, more accountability, and less overhead.

Using AI Virtual Assistant To Plan Tasks and Schedule Meetings

Virtual assistants are sophisticated computer programs that carry out repetitive, rote tasks. They're capable of handling various work-related duties, from scheduling simple meetings and carrying out tedious chores (like organizing your inbox) to performing complex data analysis tasks that take humans hours to complete. 

You can think of virtual assistants as extensions of your capabilities: They do what you'd do if you had superhuman time management skills. As a team manager, supervisory tasks are much easier with such an assistant. 

Use AI Tools for Customer Service

Artificial intelligence has become indispensable in 24/7 customer service. AI software isn't distracted or tired like people are, which means it can engage customers 24/7 and at peak hours. Tech-savvy businesses are deploying chatbots to answer basic questions about products and services. They also use them to handle more complex issues that require real-time answers, such as financial transactions and order status updates. 

For example, when you order flowers, you are greeted by a cheerful bot who can answer Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs). They also know when to escalate an issue to a human customer service rep. Deploying customer service bots has obvious advantages, including higher customer satisfaction and lower HR costs. 

Use AI Tools for Human Resources

AI tools and platforms have become increasingly intelligent, helping your HR team and employees become more productive quicker. You can use natural language processing (NLP) technologies to understand employee queries when training or coming on board. 

For example, an employee can ask questions like: I'm new at my job. Where do I find a copy of my benefits guide?; or Is it possible to take unpaid time off? The bot will then respond with answers based on your company's policies. This also works for training information, especially if you have structured answers that might be too long for a quick response.

Use AI Tools To Promote Productivity

Artificial intelligence is making waves for several reasons, and one of them is productivity. Whether it's tools that learn how to schedule meetings more efficiently or smart systems that manage employee schedules, AI has made some significant headway in ensuring workers are as productive as possible. 

Top companies have put together software designed to enhance employees' productivity. These tools have become extremely valuable in a time when work and personal life blend so seamlessly for many professionals. 

For example, some tools can learn your most productive hours and the little tasks that distract you. They will then block out those distractions for you, allowing you to focus on work without worrying about other things taking away your productivity. 

Another great thing about AI is how it can enhance communication between teams or departments. AI-powered chatbots allow employees to get answers to questions quickly and efficiently – which could be critical when juggling multiple projects at once.


AI has become more integrated into all spheres of life today, and naturally, people will use it to become more productive in the work setting they like best. Any business using a hybrid work setting will do well to find out how to deploy AI and invest in the right tools to thrive in an increasingly competitive global environment.

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