Interior Design Tips: How to Beautify Your Home Like a Minimalist

by Jeremy Thompson Web Marketer
The main concept behind minimalism can be summarized in the “less is more” philosophy which has a profound meaning at its base. Reducing only to the essentials and eliminating as much mess as possible in any space is a way to encourage the same simplification in your mind. Concentrating only on the important things and eliminating mental clutter is what a minimalist state of mind is all about.

A minimalist interior decor can seem to be something that’s very limiting, especially for those who aren’t used to it. However, it doesn’t necessarily need to be so. With proper planning, it will be easy for you to get rid of clutter and incorporate the minimalist decor in your home. Read through our blog post to introduce asense of freshness into your space.

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Simplify the Display Spaces

Even if you don’t want to make any major changes in your existing interior decor, this is one step that will definitely go a long way towards reducing clutter. It will also push your space towards the world of minimalism. Tables, shelves and any other space where artwork, photos or other items are present provide an opportunity for you to create striking visual displays. However, having too many things on display at once can only create clutter, and there will be no lines for the eye to follow. So, instead of testing the limits of the display areas, you should cut back and only place one or two bold items that are bound to grasp attention. Along with less visual clutter, you will also thank yourself when it’s time to clean the area.

Select Low-Profile Window Treatments

Despite the “less is more” philosophy generally followed for minimalism, it is important to have window treatments on the windows. When you have a built-in, sleek and low-profile window treatment design, it can create clean lines and provide a more uniform over-all appearance. You can find a wide variety of low-profile window coverings in different materials to match with the rest of your interior decor.

Embrace Emptiness and White Spaces

Most homeowners have an undying urge to fill an empty space as soon as they see one. But, what they don’t realise is that it can be overwhelming and make the space look crowded. But as any graphic designer can point out, white space (also known as negative space) is an effective way to draw attention to the strongest parts of the design incorporated. Leaving free spaces on your floor and walls can make your home look bigger. It also goes a long way in contributing to providing a minimalistic feel.

Choose One or Two Complementary Colours

It is much easier to project the minimalist feel by incorporating one or two contrasting colours throughout your room or even your home. Metallic accents and neutral tones are some of the most popular choices of minimalist decorators. For an eye-catching minimalist home, it is difficult to beat simple and clean lines. Light furniture, floors, neutral appliance and white walls provide the perfect aesthetic for the room.

Incorporate Big Pieces of Artwork and Furniture

The one thing common among most minimalistic spaces is the preference for having one or two big pieces of artwork or furniture over comparatively smaller items. This means it’s a good idea to use a large sectional sofa instead of a small couch, chair and loveseat combination, all present in the same area. A bold artwork dominating a wall or even the entire room will be more impactful than a wall that has been filled with little pictures. Though going big seems to be the opposite of a minimalistic design, it can help consolidate the free spaces while also reducing the feeling of the area being cluttered when too many little items are placed in the same place.

You can use the above-mentioned suggestions in your interior decor to derive the ultimate minimalistic experience. Remember that its best to take one step at a time to achieve a refined and luxurious look. The sheer beauty of minimalistic design will make you fall in love with the space all over again.

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