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The users can integrate their QuickBooks account with their banks to avail the service such as downloading the transaction data, making online payments and paying off the vendors and the clients. If the users connect the bank accounts with QuickBooks, they can save a lot of time trying to manually enter the data. The users who have not linked their bank accounts with QuickBooks need to reconcile it from time to time. Linking the bank account with QuickBooks is easier and a wise choice. You can also seek the help of the QuickBooks customer service number for doing the same.

Here is how you can link the bank account with QuickBooks

  • You will have to activate the QuickBooks online service at your bank. Get the account login and password.
  • Start the QuickBooks software on the computer.
  • Click on the Banking option and then choose the Online Banking and click on the ‘Set up the account’
  • Choose ‘select your QuickBooks account’ from the drop-down menu and choose the account you wish to link to your bank account. If at any step you feel stuck you can take the help of the QuickBooks support. The support is reachable telephonically.
  • This will show you a drop-down menu asking the name of your financial institution. You need to choose the name of your bank and then choose the ‘Next’ button.
  • Choose ‘direct connect’ and then click ‘Ok’
  • Check the box that says your account has been activated for QuickBooks and choose ‘Next’.
  • The text fields will ask you to enter your username and password and confirm it.
  • The ‘Sign In’ option will help you download the bank account from the bank’s server
  • Choose the account that you need to link to the QuickBooks
  • Click on the ‘Finish’ button to complete the process.

You can contact the QuickBooks Customer Service if you need any help pertaining to linking the bank account with QuickBooks.

Can you have more than one account for QuickBooks?

Not only you can link the QuickBooks with your bank account you can also manage it with the help of the QuickBooks. You can open a new bank account and can manage it using the bank component of QuickBooks. The users can also add the multiple accounts and credit cards as well with the QuickBooks. You can gain more information in this regard by contacting the support team using the QuickBooks Customer Service Phone Number.

This how liking more than one account with QuickBooks work

1) Interference

All the accounts linked with QuickBooks are separate and do not interfere with other accounts. Every account is connected to an individual server and thus, avoids the interference.

2) Additional bank Accounts

You can create the additional bank account using the ‘Charts of Accounts’. Click on the option ‘Ctrl-N’ and create the new account. The screen prompter will ask you to enter your bank details just like the first time you created a bank account using QuickBooks.  The users also have the option of contacting QuickBooks support if they feel confused at any step.

3) Merging the Account

If you want to merge your bank accounts in QuickBooks then you can do so if the accounts belong to the same bank. The accounts should not have any pending transactions and the online services for all accounts should be deactivated. You can click on the ‘Edit Account Feature’ and follow the prompts to enter the information. You can also take the help of the support team using the helpline number. They can be reached at QuickBooks Support phone number.

4) Removing Bank Account

You can remove or make a bank account inactive in QuickBooks. At times it will be a case that the account you have linked to the QuickBooks may not be of any use, therefore would need deactivation. You can do so by clicking on the ‘Charts of Accounts’ and selecting the name of the account you wish to deactivate. Click on ‘Make Inactive’ and the account will become inactive. The account will remain active otherwise but the transactions concerning this account will not be recorded in QuickBooks.  If you face any issues you can take the help of the QuickBooks Customer Service Phone Number.

QuickBooks facilitates the integration of bank accounts and allows the users to determine the effect of banking transactions on their business right away. It helps to eliminate the hassle of manually entering the entries and transactions in QuickBooks. The accounting software has made the job of business owners easier. In addition, it is backed by a strong support service. The users, if they face any issue can contact the QuickBooks support and ask for the help. The technical experts guide them in resolving the matter immediately. This support service is reachable at QuickBooks Customer Service Phone Number.


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