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This is one of the most popular branches of medicine, although it is also one of the most difficult and liberating because it focuses mainly on the most important thing that gives human life, which is "heart"!

It is the primary organ of the circulatory system that pumps blood to all members of the body by constricting regularly to pump blood and distribute it throughout the blood vessels.

Cardiology is a branch of the internal medicine branch, focusing mainly on the diagnosis and treatment of heart-related diseases, as well as prevention.

Educational Content:

Dubai ,Sharja and Al Barsha student specialized in the study of cardiology branch(cardiologist), in addition to his comprehensive study of other branches of medicine, study a set of curricula and specialized courses in this field, including:

·         Complete anatomy of the heart and circulatory system

·         Diseases of the arteries and blood vessels

·         Diagnosis of heart disorders and heart failure

·         Cardiac valves and coronary arteries

·         Diagnosis of symptoms related to heart problems such as angina pectoris and narrow coronary arteries

·         Correct pharmacological treatment for various heart diseases

·         Heart surgery

And other educational courses and curricula, which aim to prepare distinguished graduates (Cardiologist)with a high degree of competence and skill in this sensitive specialization

Functional Tasks :

The cardiologist is responsible for performing many critical tasks in this field, including:

·         Diagnosis of heart diseases

·         Medical treatment in the case of chronic heart disease

·         Immediately surgical intervention in the case of diseases that require surgery

·         The follow-up of the patient during treatment or after the surgery

·         Preference in the guidance of patients and healthy people to prevent heart disease

And many other functional roles that may be performed by a cardiologist ..


Cardiologists in Dubai ,Sharjah and Al Barsha may be the most in demand worldwide, perhaps because this age has the highest degree of heart disease at the level of history .. It is well known that the largest percentage of deaths and chronic diseases related to cardiovascular disease ..

Cardiologists in Sharjah ,dubai and Al Barsha receives substantial material support and a career development that allows him a high academic and material life, through his work in health and academic bodies, including:

·         Governmental and private hospitals

·         Specialized cardiac centers Clinics

·         Clinics specialized in cardiology and cardiovascular care

·         Centers for monitoring obesity and smoking and all diseases leading to heart disorders Health centers

·         Research bodies specialized in heart diseases, whether in modern diagnosis methods or the development of other advanced treatments

As well as the continuation of cardiologist in Al Barsha ,Dubai and Sharja cardiologist in his academic studies, and get higher grades allow him to gain more scientific experience, as well as career development.

We have an very excellent example in cardiology field , we find the heart surgeon Magdy Yacoub, who studied heart medicine in Britain and has conducted more than twenty thousand operations there, and is one of the most prominent surgeons in the heart of the world at the moment.




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