Infertility- A Major Problem That Affects Many People

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Infertility is a word common for both men and women. Many people in this world are suffering from the problem of infertility. It stands for a condition when a couple gets unable to originate pregnancy after 1 year of regular and unprotected sexual intercourse. Infertility in women can be observed when she tries for at least one year to get pregnant without the use of birth control and still gets unable to reach pregnancy. On the other hand, a man is considered infertile when he contains fewer sperms or his sperm is supposed to be too unhealthy to unite with the woman's egg.

Infertility Causes

1. Lots of causes are there to blame regarding infertility in both men and women. Talking about female infertility, a process takes place where the egg leaves the ovary and travels to reach through sperm. Some women get unable to ovulate every month by which there comes a problem in becoming pregnant.
2. Absence of menstrual periods or delayed puberty can lead towards the same.
3. If a woman is underweight or overweight, fertility can be affected. That's why it is recommended to perform an exercise on a regular basis as it can create a positive impact in improving fertility.
4. Age can be another cause which affects infertility. As the woman gets older, there will be hardships in getting pregnant.
5. If a woman has faced cancer-based treatment like radiation therapy and chemotherapy, there are chances of her fertility to be affected.
6. Diseases like endometriosis and polycystic ovary syndrome can be the cause of female infertility.
7. Even problems with her reproductive system can contribute towards infertility. Like the abnormal opening of the cervix, fallopian tubes, uterus and enlarged ovaries might contain a blockage, non-cancerous or cancerous growths, and scarring. 

Talking about fertility in men, the causes can be due to many things. 

1. When the body attacks itself that is known as autoimmune disorders, fertility can be affected. 
2. Along with that, the cause can be poorly or unhealthy functioning sperm which contains the quality of sperm. 
3. Varicocele is known as enlarged veins situated inside the loose skin which surround the testicles of a man. Presence of varicocele can move towards low sperm count which is another cause of infertility in men. 
4. Genetic syndromes like Down syndrome, cancerous or non-cancerous growths, hormonal imbalance can also cause fertility problems.
5. If tubes that carry a man's sperm contain a blockage, problems can arise.
6. Those who are addicted towards smoking, alcohol, drug or have passed through X-Rays and radiation, those who come in contact with industrial chemicals and drug use may proceed towards chances of infertility.
7. Wearing too tight pants or underwear can be another cause as it forces to overheat the testicles. There can be problems for those who take a hot bath in tubs for an extended time.

Infertility Symptoms

One of the major symptoms of infertility is getting unable to become pregnant. If a man is getting unable to make her partner pregnant even after one year of sexual intercourse at a regular interval of time, this is one of the greatest symptoms of infertility. 
There can be some symptoms in a man like reduced sexual desire, problems in the ejaculation of a small amount of fluid ejaculated, inability to smell, pain, lower than ordinary sperm count, swelling or a lump in the testicle area, etc.
For a woman, there can be some symptoms related to a hormone problem. She might feel skin changes like dark hair growth on chest, chin, and lips, more acne, thinning or loss of hair, changes in sex drive and desire, weight gain, etc. She might feel pain at the time of sexual intercourse. There can be a milky white release from nipples dissimilar to breastfeeding. 

Infertility Treatment

We have seen so many technological advancements that many tough things are supposed to be possible nowadays. The same thing is related to infertility in men and women. Talking about treatment, it will depend upon the underlying cause of his infertility. Hormone imbalances or erectile dysfunction are such issues that affect fertility. They can be cured with the help of medicines. Other issues like a blockage in tubes which carry varicoceles and sperm in the testicles can be solved with the help of surgery.
Talking about women, assisted reproductive technology can be implemented like in-vitro fertilization, intrauterine insemination, etc. Living with infertility can be very difficult. It makes some negative impacts over the life of a person. But there have been various sources by which getting a child has become possible.

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