Indications Your Puppy May Benefit From Puppy Toys and Treats

by William Jones manager

Although the attention span and requirements for stimulation are obviously different for our kids, dog’s too can become bored. Part of a healthy dog’s life, and a way to relieve boredom,  is to play, chew, chase and forage.  One possible way to help your puppy is to buy dog treats online for a welcome surprise or for training. Another idea is to select well-designed toys that address the specific needs of a growing puppy and to avoid or at least minimise boredom. But step one is to identify when your pups might be board:

  • Does your doggo chew everything in sight? It can be the furniture, your pillow, or anything that seems, well, chewable! This may be a sign of boredom. Puppies are generally very active and they cannot stay still for long and so as much as you can, keep an eye on them and try to prevent a chewing spree by diverting their attention in one way or another.

  • Another significant sign of your dog’s boredom is digging. Of course, it is normal for some dogs to dig, right? But there are times it can be a sign of boredom. It’s a matter of being aware of this behaviour and what it may mean.

  • If your dog is constantly coming to you for attention, wagging their tail, you need to assess if this is just normal behaviour because there is a chance that it indicates boredom.

  • Sometimes, the boredom is expressed as aggression. At this stage, you may need to consider professional training but at the very least, consider purchasing good quality puppy toys for them. This can be part of an overall plan to address the aggression issue.

Make The Most Of Your Puppy Toys

Different toys serve different purposes in terms of your doggos wellbeing. A ball is not just a ball! It can be chewed, chased, buried. It can be used for training, entertaining and various other activities. The point is, it’s good to get your doggo involved in all the different aspects of the specific toy at hand. Here are some examples to think about:

Mental Stimulation

Doggo’s mental health is just as important as physical health and there are many ways to stimulate their “happy hormones”. Give your buddy some brightly coloured balls for their toy box. There are stuffed puzzle toys with hidden squeaky surprises. Toys that hide little treats inside with flaps, trapdoors, and other tricky obstacles, will delight your doggo as they figure out how to find, sniff and devour the yummy surprise. Another great way to maintain your doggo’s mental health is to continuously rotate their toys to help keep their interest.

Physical Exercise

Probably the number one activity for your doggo. So important to keep them physically active and the most common way is to walk them. it is just a joy for your doggo to go walking and exploring the neighbourhood or saying high to friends at the park.

Dog Sports

Dog sport is a great way to keep your dog active and stimulated. It helps them with both physical and mental exercises. Get your doggo to run and catch at the same time – balls & frisbees are the obvious choices.  This will help with agility, cardiovascular health and lung health. If you are training your doggo to fetch, then you might like to buy puppy treats online.

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