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by Abhishek Kumar SEO Expert Abhi

Every day, millions of people visit search engines like Google to look up anything they want. This generates large volumes of data which search engines utilize to improve their user experiences and to provide insights to businesses on user behaviours. 

Digital marketing strategists use these insights to inform their decisions to improve the website ranking on search engines. A solid SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy employs lots of tools to improve a website’s ranking. One of the fundamental tools used for SEO is link building. 

Link building is the oldest trick in the book

For all the time that Google has been around, its algorithms utilize links to identify a website’s authority. More links pointing to a website for the same thing led the search engine to believe that the link was credible. As a result, search engines depended heavily on link building to rank a website. 

Google bombing made link building concern for the search engine

Some people misused link building to link a specific set of words to a particular website. This is known as Google bombing or Google washing. One of the most popular instances of a Google bomb was when the words ‘miserable failure’ when searched on Google would show the top result as the page dedicated to George W. Bush biography on Whitehouse’s official website. 

Updated algorithms overcome challenges of Google washing

Google updated its algorithms to reduce attempts of Google bombing and encourage quality link-building. This has reduced Google washing and has also changed the way SEO strategies are implemented. 

Regular algorithm updates require businesses to continually work on their SEO strategies to stay ahead of competitors. 

Link building remains crucial to rank high on search engines

Over the years, search engine algorithms -have identified black hat SEO techniques, which can negatively affect your website rankings. Link building is one of the oldest SEO techniques which remains crucial for SEO strategists. 

But search engines are now smarter. They can identify link bombing and may penalize attempts to build incorrect links. Your website will benefit heavily when you have appropriate links from other websites of authority leading to your website. Google will quickly rank your website higher if the links are credible. But if the search engine giant identifies misuse of links, then you are likely to be penalized too. 

How to use link building correctly for your website?

The best way to build links for your website is to establish your website as an authority in your field or industry. This will require lots of high-quality and relevant content available on your website. Google looks at the following factors when it considers the links leading to your website:

  • Authority of the third-party websites linking to your website
  • The anchor text used for the websites with respect to the content on your website
  • Other SEO tools used on your website

Internal links help you control the factors affecting link building

In addition to external link building where your website receives web traffic through third-party websites, you can also build internal links. These links direct your website visitors from one page on your website to another. Anchor texts are as important for internal links as they are for external links. 

While you may not be able to control the anchor text used on external links, you can use rich text for the internal links built in your website. A strong SEO strategy utilizes both external and internal link building to improve your SEO ranking. 

A lot of attention is also paid to choosing the pages the links direct your web traffic to. While external links may mostly lead to the home page or a popular page on your website, your internal links can direct traffic to less visited pages. As a result, you can improve page rankings of other web pages on your website too. 

Natural link building vs. manipulative black hat link building tactics

Black hat SEO may help your website rank high in a short time, but your efforts may be short-lived once search engines identify that the methods used for ranking high are not organic. When you are penalized by search engines, your website quickly loses authority and you will find it difficult to regain your ranking. Natural link building allows you to earn links using quality content on your website. Search engines prefer natural link building in SEO to improve their user experience. 

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