Importance Of Pathology Tests In Determining Health Status

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According to the studies, 70% of medical decision relies on pathology tests. Pathology is a medical specialty that determines the cause and nature of the diseases by examining and testing body tissues and body fluids. The results that come after these pathology tests help the doctors to diagnose and treat patients. Let us have a look at different pathology tests and their importance.

1.    Hematology

Hematology is the study and examination of the blood and the bone marrow (where the blood cells are formed). It is very helpful in the diagnosis and treatment of patients who have disorders of the blood and bone marrow. The main goal of this lab test is to analyze the patient’s blood and spot discrepancies in overall blood cell distribution and cell structure.

2.    Biochemistry

This test is responsible for diagnosing and managing the disease through the analysis of blood, urine and other body fluids. Biochemistry tests also help in determining cholesterol, triglycerides and lipids levels in the body. It is also used to screen cardiovascular diseases and blood glucose to diagnose and monitor diabetes.

3.    Microbiology

Clinical microbiology laboratory tests play a vital role in patient care by determining the cause of infection. The pathologists work here to find out the root cause of the disease or infection that can possibly be done by microorganisms such as bacteria, fungi, pathogens, viruses, etc. This lab test also measures the susceptibility of the bacteria to antibiotics to help decide the treatment.

4.    Immunology

The immune system plays a very important role as it protects us from various lines of defense. The immunology specialists help in diagnosing the immune system disorders such as rheumatoid arthritis, SLE (lupus), Crohn’s disease, coeliac disease, allergies, and cancer.

So, these were some of the most important pathology tests that should definitely be done if you are suffering from any blood-related disorders, immune problems or cardiovascular diseases. Now, you must be wondering that from where you can do these tests? Don’t worry “Tarmata lab test app” is here for you.

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