Importance of Masonic Aprons in the lives of Freemasons

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Freemasonry is the largest and most reputed fraternal organization in the world. The members of this fraternity are extremely proud of their rich and long-standing history. Freemasons wear Masonic regalia that give them unique identity during ceremonial meetings and rituals. Masonic apron is one of these regalia that remind the brethren about the Masonic history and their commitment towards the values and ethics that their fraternity preaches.

A Masonic apron originated in the early 1700s and derived from the aprons that were worn by the operative masons in the middle ages. These aprons usually covered the wearer from the chest to their ankles and were held by a leather throng which passed around the neck. They were firm and the operative masons usually tied them around their waist.

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When a member joins Freemasonry, it doesn’t imply that he has reached to his height of being whereas a Freemason pledges to gain further knowledge and improvement in all aspects of life; be it moral, ethical, and spiritual. A Freemason starts his journey as an individual with great potential and is expected to reach a state of near perfection as he matures in the fraternity. In order to reach at the top of Freemasonry, a member has to attain various degrees. The first degree is the Entered Apprentice Degree which signifies a new beginning; a spiritual birth. The second is the Fellow Craft Degree which signifies the adulthood and various responsibilities. The third and the final one is the Master Mason Degree which signifies that the Freemason has reached the highest level of maturity. The attainment of this degree also symbolizes that the Master Mason is ready for a deeper relationship with the Creator of Universe. After receiving the Master Mason Degree, doesn’t means that the Mason has to stop his journey in the fraternity but he may take many ways from this point like he can join the Royal Arch.

Royal Arch Masonry

Royal Arch is the completion of the third and the final degree where all the secrets of Freemasonry are revealed. The connection between the Freemason and the Spiritual being is the strongest in Royal Arch Masonry. The members of the Royal Arch are known as the Companions.

Original Royal Arch Apron

The original Royal Arch Chapter Apron was worn by the members of Craft Masonry. Later on, they came to be used by the Antients and Moderns also who adopted Royal Arch in 1766. The aprons used looked almost similar to the ones that are used these days. The Craft Masonry raised the objection on the use of these aprons by the Antients on wearing the similar aprons that had all the symbols in the Lodges. Although, the Grand Chapter stopped its utilization; till the approval which hasn’t been given till date.

Today’s Royal Arch Apron

The aprons are still worn by the Companions in their Chapters and are made from the white lambskin. They are 14 to 16 inches in width and 12 to 14 inches in depth. This apron has an overlap of triangle and is bordered in purple and intended crimson approximately 2 inches. Inside the triangle, the three taus are present inside the emblem combined with gold embroidery. 

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