Importance of Java in Android Application Development

by Ravi Bhadauria ADMEC Multimedia Institute
Java is one of the best and advances languages which is most human-readable among all programming languages.

It is released in 1995 which is developed by James Gosling at Sun Microsystems and later take over by Oracle. The common language of Android is Java though it includes different languages with drawbacks like C, C++.

Android is a most popular and trending language which is on demand for various developing features.

For aspiring the Android developers Java is the core language of Android. C, C++ developers easily learn this language. To learn the skills of Android, you must learn it first. It is been two decades this language is still one of the most popular and useful languages because it supports multi-platforms.

It is easy to learn and can be master quickly. It is similar to C++ as it is also Object-oriented languages with having flexibilities in it. It is a versatile language, hence use as the platform for the application development. It is the one which offers a great user experience as it is much secure in Google application development.

The Software development kit in Android SDK has built-in various Java Libraries that consist of graphics libraries, networking libraries etc. that will help you develop great functionalities for different applications.

Many Phones are compatible with the Java because it is better in every aspect like Security, development tools.

Android doesn't use JVM though Google provides Java API, rather than that it uses Dalvik machine which android specific.

The class file is compiled into Dalvik Executable (DEX) file format. The bundles of android packages are built as APK (Android Package) files in the Android studio.

The Basics of this language is learned because Android is all about this language and if anyone learns C++ then learning this language is very Simple and won't take much time. Once You are familiar with Core Java then Developing application will take the very easy task.

If you want to connect with Android and want your career in that you must be knowing Java. IOS development is much difficult than Android development.

It is basically used in android for connecting functionalities of XML or can say layouts.

Java features due to which it preferred in Android -

  • Object-oriented -

It follows the object-oriented approach, every functionality is linked with it. It is not pure Oops language as it uses primitive data types. It provides capabilities of object-oriented programming like encapsulation, abstraction, polymorphism etc.

  • Simple -

It is simple from other programming language and provides great functionalities. If I talk about the syntax of the programming language, it is simple and easy to learn and understand. Its syntax is based on C++ which means if a person is knowing the C++ then it's very easy to learn and command in Java. In this language, it automatically takes the garbage value of an unreferenced object.

  • Abstraction -

Abstraction as it means not-representable, Java has a feature to hide the code by abstraction, in which we make the method abstract and inherit it. Abstraction is used to hide the code that does not want to show and only use to show the basic and essential features. In other words, we can say it deals with the outside view of the interface and hide inner functionality.

  • Security-

If we look at this language as a security point of view no other Language is as best as Java. It is known as the highly secured language. It is also Virus free in system development. Its programs run in the virtual machine sandbox.

  • Portable-

With having everything predefine in storage hence Java can be taken to any platform as it is not dependent on implementations. This can be done because of this language bytecode which can be carried to any other platform.

  • Multi-threading -

Multi-threading is an advanced feature of Java which is light weighted and handles multiple tasks. These threads do not occupy any memory in the storage. It works like memory sharing features and utilizes memory.

  • Dynamic-

It is a Dynamic language, which means it dynamically link this software development language class libraries, methods, and object as well. It supports various C++ functions and libraries in it.

Robust- Robust which means strong language because it strongly manages memory very well. Due to no involvement of pointers in the language, it makes to avoids various security problems from Java.


Java is very important in Android application development because it is the only language which is secure and provides various functionality. As Android is more trending and getting the updates rapidly there is similar language introduction to android that is based on this software development language, one who knows the code in this language can easily learn that. The language named Kotlin which use less code as compared to Java.

Android doesn't use JVM though Google provides Java API, rather than that it uses Dalvik machine which android specific. It is basically used in android for connecting functionalities to layouts with more features.

As we have seen that Java plays an important role in Android App Development and has many features. So, for learning it deeply you really need to join an ideal institute like ADMEC Multimedia Institute which is offering advanced training in Core Java as well as advanced Java. To know more about the Java Course in Delhi contact us at +91 9911-7823-50 or send a mail at

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