Impact of Artificial Intelligence on Digital Marketing

by Milla James Daily Business News

The digital marketing world is changing at a rapid pace. With the rise in popularity of artificial intelligence (AI), marketers of the Digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad have been forced to adapt their strategies as well as their thinking on how they can use this new technology. Artificial intelligence has started influencing many different aspects of digital marketing, including SEO and SEM.

In this article, we'll discuss some ways that AI will impact both these areas moving forward:

Semantic search

If you're not familiar with semantic search, it's a type of search that goes beyond keywords and looks at the meaning of the words. As a result, semantic search is more accurate than keyword-based searches.

According to the experts at the Digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad, it's also more efficient because it requires less computation time. And finally, according to research from IBM (a leading provider of AI), semantic technology was able to generate 16x as many results as traditional text-based systems!

Digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad


Chatbots are a new way to interact with your customers. According to the Digital marketing company in Ahmedabad, they can be used as a great way to provide customer service and make sure that every customer is happy with their experience.

Chatbots can also be used for selling products, collecting data about your customers and even conversing about important topics like politics or sports.

Ad targeting

Ad targeting is one of the most important developments in digital marketing and advertising. It allows you to target your ads at specific groups of people, such as demographics and interests. This can be useful for businesses when they want to reach out more effectively with their message or products.

The way ad targeting works is that an advertiser will create a profile based on information such as age, gender and location. They then use this information when creating an ad campaign so that it will only appear on devices belonging to those who meet their criteria (e.g., if someone is over 25 years old but lives in New York City).

Ad targeting has become increasingly popular because it allows marketers to access new audiences without having them pay high costs upfront while also helping them increase ROI (return on investment).

Predictive marketing

Predictive marketing is the ability to predict future customer behaviour. Companies can use predictive marketing to plan for future marketing activities, product development, and business operations.

Predictive marketing uses artificial intelligence (AI) technology to analyze data from past transactions in order to identify customer preferences and behaviours that could be leveraged in the future.

It's also used by retailers who want their customers back again as soon as possible after they leave so they can get them into their store or website again with new offers or discounts based on what other people bought there before they did.


The future of digital marketing is not just about the technology but also the people who use it. As a Digital marketing agency in Ahmedabad, we have seen massive changes in how people interact with brands and the way they do business.

We need to do more research and make sure that our digital marketing strategy is modernized to keep up with the changing times.

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