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IELTS speaking test is conducted a day prior to the main exam or a day after the three other exams. The reading writing and listening test is conducted in a day but the speaking test is conducted a day prior to the main exam or after that. The result is declared on the same date through all the four modules of the test.

The length of the entire speaking test is between 11 to 14 minutes. The assessment criteria of the examiner are to see the fluency, pronunciation, vocabulary and the grammar of the candidate while speaking. There are three parts of the speaking test to assess the speaking skills of the examiner .one must focus on certain things before appearing for the speaking test. Consistent practice in speaking to gain fluency is an added advantage to score good bands or a person who is not a natural or a regular user of this language.

Part one

Part one of the speaking test includes an introduction and 8-9 questions of general interest. There are several topics which are included these days to assess the spontaneity of the person. The topics can be hometown, villages, music, friends, hobbies, sports etc. the examples are quoted below.


Friends you have one friend or a group of friends?(why/why not)

Q2.How often do you meet your friends?(why/why not)

Q3.what do you do together?(why/why not)

Q3.Do you like to meet your friends or it is forced ?(why/why not)



Q1.which type of music you like?(why/why not)

Q2.Is there a particular time for you to listen to music or you can enjoy it anytime? (why/why not)

Q3.How do you like to listen to music in loud or slow?(why/why not)

Q4.Which music you feel can give you the comfort you are looking for when you are stressed? (why/why not)

Q5.Is there a traditional music in your country? (why/why not)

Q6.Do you think the type of music has changed over the period of time? (why/why not)


Q1. Do you like to wear jewelry? (why/why not)

Q2.what type of jewelry is worn by people in your culture? (why/why not) men also wear jewelry in your culture? (why/why not)

These are few examples of the questions which are generally asked in the IELTS speaking test and it must be answered appropriately. The length of the question depends on the reason you are quoting to justify your statement. The reply must be satisfactory. It appears seeing the questions number asked that it would increase the duration of the interview but it doesn’t happen the questions which are asked have a good pace and the interview gets completed in time. The pace one follows to speak is generally fast and it is observed the satisfactory answers take time.

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Speaking test part 2

Part 2 speaking test assess the fluency of a candidate with correct pronunciation and impressive and appropriate vocabulary incorrect grammar. So when the question is given to a candidate the candidate is supposed to prepare on the same question and one minute time is allotted to that person to prepare and then to speak. When one looks at the topic first of all the candidate must decide the tense of the topic in which the answer must be quoted.

Let’s learn it with an example:-

The cue card topic says

Describe a gift which you received recently

     ·        What is the gift?

     ·        When you received it?

     ·        Who gave it to you?

     ·        Why is this precious to you?

To answer this question we need to understand that when the question comes to us we must decide that majorly in which tense it must be answered. Now if we consider this example the major tense to be covered is past tense only .while answering the cue card question we must start with the introduction of the topic and speak on this for 10 seconds. After that, we must speak on the cue card question and answer that question in past tense itself.

Explaining the same task would take at least another1 minute 10 seconds.

Then still we are left with 50 more seconds and we can answer the rest part of the question in the other tenses. If we use different tense then we can use appropriate vocabulary and reflect the different sentence structure and by this manner, we can speak at least for two minutes at a stretch.

Part 3

It is about discussion and there would be about 5to 6 questions based on the cue card only but explanatory answers are required to answer these questions and the discussion can be between you and the interviewer on this topic with certain points of contradictions too.

This pattern of speaking test must be practiced by all with your trainer and one must notice the flaws which are done while appearing in the speaking sessions and improve their skills. The candidate must practice many questions to have the good content knowledge and not to face any inappropriate circumstances.

Seek academy provides the commitment to provide their students with such rigorous training sessions to help them achieve what desired band score they are looking for.

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