Identifying Best Criminal Lawyer amongst the Best

by Jason S. Legal Advice in Singapore

When the entire world is busy in rejuvenating, having a gala time in life, at the same time there are large number of people who are busy in attending the court trials because of the criminal allegation they have been charged like rash driving, molestation, rape, robbery, assault, murder, drugs and some crimes falling under the category of either white collar or blue crime.

It sometimes happen that you are falsely accused and charged in a crime which you have never committed but you are put behind the bar by the police. In this situation the only way out is to seeking help from criminal lawyer who has past experience of handling such cases and delivering justice to the accuse by provingthem innocent in the eye of the law.

Although, in Singapore the crime rate is very low; still crimes are being reported and these crimes are being committed in on the spur of the moment, anger, frustration or depression. Irrespective of the charges labeled against an individual, the court gives right to everyone to prove their innocence in the court with the help of criminal lawyer.  However, one needs to be very careful while choosing the lawyer, make sure you put a lawyer who has the potential and qualification to win the case on your behalf.

Before you proceed and hire a professional for your case, it is necessary tohave a brief understanding about the criminal procedure code Singapore:

  1. First of all, due to the criminal charges you will be detained at the nearest police station. Investigation will take place.
  2. You are allowed to hire a lawyer or call the one who is already working on your behalf in the city.
  3. Now the bail procedure will be followed by the bailer. It should be anyone from your family, who has to plead for the bail.
  4. The very first appearance at the court is mandatory. In this period your case will be prepared. Police or the opponent will put forth all the evidences and charges in front of the judge.
  5. This is the time, when you will require a mouth who can plead in the court that you are not guilty and can prove it with the submission of the evidence.
  6. At last, case will be executed and a certain time will be allotted to the charged criminal, so that he or she can prove its innocence.

It is often noticed that during the worst phase of your life, everything little things go against your favour. In such times getting a good criminal lawyer to defend your case in the court becomes extremely difficult. However, online platform has become such a boon to look out for professional services and get their help instantly. The criminal lawyer helps you in a preparing the ground of your cases while keeping patience as sometime the criminal proceedings may take longer time which is taken care of by the experienced criminal lawyer. Never fall in trap of some law firm who claim they to be top law firm yet charge you less. It is worth noticing the better the lawyer the higher are the charges.

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