How Your Family Will Survive If You Are Not There

by Cacey Taylor Affiliate Marketer

All the people in this world belong to their families. The family unit is the most important unit for any person as it builds the personality and makes you the person you get shaped into. Your circumstances as well as your family life are responsible in making you the person you become. Thus family life can be easily considered the most important part of anyone’s life. People behave in certain ways due to the relationships and ties they have within their families. Those children who experience a peaceful family lifestyle are much more confident as compared to those children who experience broken families in their childhood.


As the pace of life is becoming faster with each passing day and the world is changing with every passing minute, the family unit is becoming even more important. We now understand the importance of family unit in a better way because now the percentage of broken families is on a rise. Now we can very clearly see and understand the damages brought to the society by the lack of the existence of family units in our cultures.


Although all cultures promote family life, still as the world is becoming more and more materialistic it is difficult for people to continue spending their lives in the traditional ways. This is creating a lot of problems for everyone. The peace and harmony a nation experiences due to the presence of strong family ties are no longer there. Thus these points have enough weight to prove that the family unit is still very important. Everyone has his or her responsibility towards his or her family. Family unit is important. You need to give it all due importance. You must ensure that as a parent even if you are no longer there and you are not able to support your children and spouse due to your death, there must be arrangements so that your family is in the position to live without you. The survival of your family in your absence must be planned by you.


There are two major aspects which you should consider in this regard. First one of those is how your family will survive financially without you. If you are the only bread winner for your family, how will your kids and your spouse survive with out you? You need to plan for such situations. You must invest in such things which can pay back in time for your kids when they will need money to go to college or to set up some venture. You must consider this factor that your family members will need money to barely survive if something happens to you and you are no more. Or if you are simply not able to earn something to support them. You must plan keeping the worst in your mind.


The other important thing which must be considered is the emotional aspect. If you are no longer there, how will your kids react? If you are a father to them they will need you for more than one reason. Fathers are a protection for their kids from the outside world. If you are a mother your kids need you today and they will need you even after half a century. It cannot be easy for the kids to lose their mother or their father. This will disturb them very much. It can be very difficult for your kids to survive without you. You must be very open to them in this regard. You must prepare them for the worst. Although you do not need to scare them off or make them think that you are planning to die, you must make them realistic enough to think that even if the people whom you love very dearly are no more there, life goes on. The people who die, or leave, are no longer there. But those who are living have to pass their lives on, and that they should do happily. Make your kids understand this fact.   

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