How working with textures makes the interior feel cozy?

by Alluring Lifeweb Expert Interior Designer

You probably know this wonderful feeling that arises when we find ourselves in a cozy and perfectly equipped space. This is a feeling of comfort and harmony, warmth and relaxation; it is it that distinguishes truly luxurious interiors. To create a similar effect in the living space, there are several proven ways, and among them the greatest effect is given by working with textures, that is, with a variety of materials. 


These are finishes, textiles, and furniture materials suggested by experts of expert Interior Design


The fact is that it is the textures that create the volume necessary for the perception of the surrounding space as attractive and pleasing to the eye. In addition, skilfully using various textures, we can create one or another effect and emphasize the style solution. 


Why is a textile so important? 

First, the material provides tactile comfort, so you should always use only pleasant to the touch fabrics in the interior. And secondly, textiles mean a lot from a visual point of view, it creates a softer and enveloping composition, which is always read as coziness. 


Consider what techniques will help bring design to a new level

So, the first and one of the favorite techniques of all designers is the layering of textures. A very good example is the interior of the bedroom in the photo: here you can see several different fabrics, also used to decorate the windows, carpet on the floor, wooden panels. All this creates a feeling of coziness and warmth - just what you need in the bedroom. 


Sometimes textures do not even need to be entered specifically, you can just save those that are already available. This, for example, is brickwork, which can be found in old buildings. Many are trying to cover it with more modern materials, but in fact, a deliberately open masonry will look much more advantageous. In addition, this is another way to add an interesting texture to the interior. 

If in your apartment it is not possible to open the old brickwork on the walls, then the texture can be added independently. For example, with the help of wood paneling. This is a very popular way of decorating today, because wood not only always looks warm and cozy, but also creates a more interesting relief in the wall area. 

If we are talking about textures in the floor area, then, of course, carpets are primarily suitable for this purpose. Floor carpet today looks fashionable, original and very homely. However, designers advise not to stop at one subject and try to complement the design with two carpets at once. One, as a rule, is selected in a very restrained palette, beige or gray, and the second is smaller and with a contrasting pattern. 

Use objects with a pronounced texture in an unusual format. Decorate the house with wicker baskets or utensils made of aged metal, think about how you can apply these items in a new way, how to focus attention on them. 

For small items, the grouping technique will go, as, for example, was done in the interior of this dining room. Several wicker baskets suspended on the wall look like a single composition, which, moreover, echoes other details of the interior. Thanks to such active work with textures, a concise design in a muted range looks stylish and complete. 


For wall decoration, according to the experts at Expert Interior Design you can choose wallpaper with a pronounced texture, this is perhaps the most delicate way to give the interior the desired sound. Different types of textured wallpapers create a different effect: satin delicately reflects light, matte and embossed make the room especially cozy. 

Fabrics with a velvety effect are the best choice for upholstery of upholstered furniture. One such sofa or armchair instantly transforms the room and becomes a key accent. Coupled with a rich shade, velvet upholstery can act as a style-forming element and decorate any design.

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