How To Wisely Invest In Gold In Atlanta

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Titans of industry know how to make more money with the money that has already been acquired. To do that, the one phrase that consistently will come up in conversation is “investing wisely”. Sure there are many ways to invest money, whether it be in a college education, property, or real estate, but there is one commodity that has stood the test of time throughout the ages: gold. No other item on this planet has lasted longer, been viewed as highly valued, or used as a medium of value other than gold. With the importance of investing in gold a fact, then the focus is where to buy gold in Atlanta.

Stock Market Value

First, consider the stock market and the value of gold before determining the amount of gold that should be purchased, especially when buying gold in the Atlanta area. According to APMEX (, the value of gold has been on the rise since the year 2000. An ounce of gold back then was roughly worth $300 USD. Today, that same ounce of gold has an estimated value of $1,300 USD. In addition, the ability for gold to sustain value is more likely than the cotton bills that are used in some transactions given the durability and material that it is made out of. Truly, the value of gold has increased.

Various Types of Gold

Second, become educated about the different types of gold. Not only is their pure gold (gold in which comes from the earth and is not mixed with any other metals), there are also other softer types of gold that are mixed with different metals to become a gold metal alloy. This is done because of the softness of the gold to begin with and the desired color of the gold in the end. In order to get the color that a customer wants (white, yellow, rose, etc.), then the gold can be mixed with silver, nickel, copper, and other metals. Therefore, it is prudent to think twice about what form the gold is in before being purchased.

Where to Buy

Finally, the third and most crucial step of buying gold is buying it from a reliable source. When finding where to buy gold in Atlanta, the best way to make sure you’re getting your money’s worth is to purchase from an individual or location that has a certified gemologist. A gemologist is an expert that knows and has an academic and real expertise of gemstones, pearls, diamonds, as well as precious metals. Purchasing from anywhere else opens the buyer up to obtaining less than what was desired and possibly being victimized.

Investing in gold is a sound investment. It is a precious metal that has been around for centuries and is not predicted to be replaced anytime soon due to its intrinsic value. By making sure that the gold that will be purchased has been certified by a gemologist, understanding which type of gold there is, and finally watching the current trade value of gold, any wise investor will know when to purchase their gold and add it to their investment portfolio. 

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