How To Use Whatsapp Web Online?

by Subham Sinha Digital Branding Expert
A WhatsApp Web is an online application that you can access by visiting the following web address. For it to work and send WhatsApp messages, you need a phone with an active internet connection. As it is an online service, users need an active telephone and internet connection for the WhatsApp web to work.     
This allows you to send and read texts by connecting your phone directly from the WhatsApp app to the web address of your mobile phone or other mobile device connected to the Internet.
You cannot make WhatsApp web video calls, but you can do so from your mobile app using the web address of your phone or any other mobile device connected to the Internet. Except for video calls and text messages, everything looks the same as in the WhatsApp app.  
If you want to make WhatsApp video calls from your computer, you cannot use the WhatsApp web interface. It won't work on a computer or tablet unless you turn on the ability to sync WhatsApp Web with your phone number. What we can do instead is put WhatsApp on our computer and run it there like on your phone.  
If you have an active internet connection, you can switch on the mobile phone on which your WhatsApp account is active. Once you connect to WhatsApp Web, it will work, but you will need to log out by closing the browser and turning off the system. 
In the mobile version of WhatsApp, it is not possible to download media from WhatsApp Web, but you can download photos, videos, and audio files by clicking on the files and downloading them individually. When downloading media to WhatsApp Web, you must have a mobile phone with an active Internet connection for it to work. While you can download media via WhatsAppWeb, there is no way to download files at once, so if you download files individually, they will not be downloaded. 
This means you don't have to worry about the car for now - downloading media files from WhatsApp clogs up your device's memory. 
There is also a website that allows you to use WhatsApp on your desktop with a web browser. You can find it at, and it will work in the same way as on the desktop version of WhatsApp. Setting up and using both the web and desktop versions of the chat tool is the same, but a little more complicated than that.  
This ensures that WhatsApp is logged in and you see the same contacts and messages you see on your phone. Once the QR code has been scanned, WhatsApp Desktop and WhatsApp Web sync with the phone, so everyone has to scan it again. After that, anyone can scan again if they have access to it for a few minutes, but everyone else can't. 
WhatsApp Web is the same as what you know on Android, with voice, text, and video calls. It still doesn't offer video calls on your PC, but you can learn how to make a video call on your PC. We know that WhatsApp Web is not the only feature of WhatsApp that uses QR codes, but only one of them.  
Desktop WhatsApp comes in two flavors, and you'll need to download the desktop app for Windows and macOS. On the WhatsApp website, you will find a download link, which must, however, be operated directly from your browser. 
In the previous step, you will notice that the menu item you connect to your account is called "WhatsApp Web" and not "WhatsApp Desktop." Once WhatsApp Desktop is installed and started, you must have connected your phone. The app isn't assigned as you'd expect, so you'll need to download the app from a store or directly from WhatsApp. 
However, it may happen that the WhatsApp Web Desktop App on your computer simply does not work for various reasons. For example, if you see "Computer not connected," check that your computer's Internet connection is active. You may also have problems connecting to the phone, so WhatsApp Web may not work on your computer. 
It's not just your phone that needs an active and stable connection, your computer needs the same. However, it is only the phone, because it needs a good Internet connection and a strong enough Internet connection to be connected to WhatsApp Web. 
If you are a person who wants to use WhatsApp on the desktop and not on the phone, WhatsApp is useful for you. You can add the contacts you want to chat with by pressing the menu button and clicking Manage contacts, as the number you use on your desktop differs from that on your phone. It is best to remember that you can use the same number on both your computer and mobile phone, as well as on the WhatsApp Web. 

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