How to Use Vibrant Colors in Home Decor And Furniture?

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Soft furnishings and vibrant colors have been popular among homeowners for years. This home decor approach enables you to add a unique touch to your home, moving away from the traditional palette.

The mixture of such colors makes a space feel inviting as well as cozy with some great products like the Riverside furniture collection. Let's take a look at some ideas on how you can use vibrant colors in your decor.

Select a Soft Color Palette

There are a lot of shades to select from while picking colors for your home decor. Pink is a famous option as it can easily blend and work well with most other hues. Besides, you can also use soothing pastels in the palette like greens or light blues. And for a highly vibrant and colorful style, go with the classic red.

Contrasting Background

Contrast is another aspect of vibrance. You can use a photo frame or art piece to create a contrasting background against the wall paint. This lets you choose the hue you love and you can also use distinct materials.

An easy approach is to paint existing frames to add some color and create a beautiful contrast with the background.

Furnish your house in a colorful method

Furnishing offers a wonderful approach to using colors in your home decor. You can use accent walls or paint furniture to add different shades. You can easily find numerous tricks to create vibrant impressions using colors indoors. For instance, yellow furnishings in a red room. Green, red, pink, black, and cream are some famous colors to add to the house. Adding blue lets you create a dynamic appearance.

And, for vibrance, you can try to add turquoise, yellow, or red to the home decor plan.

Color theories

Mixing primary colors helps create any type of shade. For instance, you may desire to use purple in the decor if greens or yellows are in abundance. Alternatively, combine complementary colors to make vibrant hues. For a pleasant contrast, use the color wheel for suggestions.

Neutral colors

In case, you love neutral colors and use such a palette, you can use throw pillows to add a pop of the colors. This is a wonderful approach to adding interest to the living room without going crazy on big pieces of furniture and art. Although calming yet boring, neutral colors like that of the Jackson Middleton sectional are good picks for a simple life. However, you need to be very careful while selecting colors as it will affect your energy and mood.

Bring in rugs for colors

If you desire to add bright colors to the room without going for big pieces, use a rug. Measure the area and find a size that blends perfectly with the space and decor ideas. It's a minimal way to add vibrance and colors to the living space, making it inviting and fun. And if a bright rug feels too much, use soft hues in the upholstery to create a balance. You can also create minimalism with white furnishings.

Dull colors

Isn't it surprising? But going dull can help create a decor that gives you a calming environment. For instance, for a tranquil vibe, go with neutral shades such as grey and white for curtains and pillows. The softer shades can easily mix with any color you desire to use in the room.

Add colors to the walls

Instead of painting all the walls the same, go creative and smart by painting just one wall with an accentuating shade. This will change the living space in terms of look and ambiance. Get a step ahead and use two bright hues to create a contrast. And this will give your space a sense of depth, making it feel cheerful and energetic.

Paint colors

Everything (and nothing) can be wrong or right while selecting the colors. Think of the vibe you want in a room and choose colors accordingly. For instance, if you want a calming vibe in your bedroom, go with warmer tones such as lavender or peach. Check out the Magnussen furniture bedroom set and other options for this. And for an energetic and bolder space, pick cool colors for your living space like cobalt blue or mint green.

Selecting the colors

Do you follow any rules for color selection? Well! There isn't a permanent one. The only thing that matters the most is the feel and taste you desire. And when not sure, try working with different color combinations to see which one evokes a better feeling. Also, look for what combinations and patterns other homeowners are using.

  • For the bedroom, soft shades like pink and blue work great. For the living room, you can go with the theme. You can add soft shades with warm colors like yellow and orange for a spring feel.
  • Lighting also plays a crucial role. As every color can create a different mood in the room, you can go for colored lights to choose the right color according to your mood.
  • For a daring approach, apply a desired hue to the ceiling. And this will change the mood of the room without much effort.
  • For a vibrant look, you can also use bright interiors with soft furnishing.

In short, creating vibrance is an art. And, for this, you need to consider your space, taste, and coordinate the choice of colors with existing furniture. Check out the Vaughan Basset furniture collection to find what works best for you.

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