How To Use AI In Software Development In 2020?

by James Burns CEO
Today software is the base of every single advancement and tech device we use in our lives to make life easy to live. In this era of digitalization, artificial intelligence modern approach is making huge transformations over the last five years.

Be it Amazon’s drone deliveries or robotic army, workforce, etc. we can see artificial intelligence future into mainstreams of life. Many enterprises also use AI in software development to make business processes more swift, easy, flexible, and robust. 

In a survey conducted by Forrester, it was revealed that artificial intelligence software is improving development, agile delivery, automation, testing, deployment, etc. Furthermore, AI saves your time and money, which you can invest in the marketing of your services and products.

The biggest impact of AI is in the healthcare industry. Artificial intelligence in healthcare has made some revolutionary changes by bringing out health trackers, bionic arms, advanced surgeries with the aid of robots, genetic changes, etc. 

“Many top AI development company in USA believes that AI with human intelligence will make the earth a better place to sustain life forms.”
AI in the real world is no longer limited to Hollywood movies like Terminator Saga, Alien: Covenant, Blade Runner 2049 and many more. In the 21st century, industries are being revolutionized by using the latest technologies.

Current times best usage of AI is in the data management industry. Also. in the world of internet and WWW, AI is being used in fraud detection, to fight cyberattacks, making new cybersecurity measures, etc. such that everything results in a high-class customer relationship.

One thing is for sure that AI is changing the world!

Many believe that AI, machine learning, deep learning, robots, etc. (advanced technologies) can the human race. To me, it is a skeptical thought, I personally don’t believe this!

My question is “How to use AI in software development in 2020?” to make our lives more beautiful, easy, and gives us more power to make good decisions.

AI in Software Development

AI is impacting our ways of development and we can expect a better artificial intelligence future as compared to our present environment and surroundings.

What more important is that we must understand AI!

Most of the businesses are using AI to shape their company’s’ future in software development. For example, the AI-enabled application development framework is helping in designing and developing the best cross-platform and native apps.

Today, more than 70% of companies are smartly investing in artificial intelligence. Furthermore, 40% of companies have become digitally mature in a way that they now make their own AI strategies.

“It is predicted that by the year 2021, AI alone will create its own industry with a worth business value of $2.9 trillion.”

In order to understand the role of AI in software development, we have to adopt this modernized strategy in our lives & businesses to deliver products or services to consumers.

Two Major AI Functionalities In Software Development

  • The automation of all repeated manual tasks increases the business efficiency and reliability of software creation.
  • The era of power computation is coming soon, and AI-based machines can take good decisions.

Benefits of AI in Software Development

If you can understand the impacts of AI and its future enhancement resulting in the better deployment of technology, then we can reap out many benefits from AI. 

If ever you ask any top artificial intelligence development company in USA, then they will support AI and other upcoming technological reforms, changes, and steps.

Here are a few promising advantages that AI will bring alongside it in the software development business. 

  • AI enhances data security
  • AI can find bugs and errors more easily
  • The software made on AI can help you take better decisions
  • AI can give the best reports of your business
  • AI will also help you in predicting the future business
  • AI saves your time and money in advance
  • AI also enhances the cybersecurity solutions

“Rapid Prototyping, Intelligent Programming Assistants, Automatic Analytics & Error Handling, Automatic Code Refactoring, Precise Estimates, Strategic Decision-Making, etc. are the 6 major ways in which I consider that AI is transforming the ways we develop software.”

Here, one question is must answer -

If the impacts of AI in software development are advantageous, then why many feel that AI is dangerous for the human race?

Can AI Create AI?

Humans created AI, Human give birth to AI, but what if AI can create AI. AI creating more AI-based technology can subvert the need for humans to be involved in technological development.

It is true, we are seeing a huge growth level of AutoML which is slowly but gradually automating ML model to reduce the workload of data scientists, software engineers, etc. 

As a matter of fact, we cannot deny that growing AI in our lives, we will have to permit their own thinking to come in action. Thus, now it holds in the future whether if AI creates itself into its own more powerful version.

“The Version” which haunts half of the population of our blue planet!

What we can do is make AIs best use in the software development industry to make our lives better, and peaceful.

What Are The Best Case Uses In Software Development?

  • In the software development lifecycle, if we use artificial intelligence with python, the AI can play a crucial role in gathering requirements. NLP (Natural Language Process) is an AI technique especially made for this purpose.
  • With the help of AIDA (Artificial Intelligence Design Assistant), we can plan projects, design it more effectively, and develop it in a better way. For example, design customization will a whole lot easier as per the client’s needs.
  • Also, the AI can assist in programming, coding, up to a certain extent, There exist many AI tools that can predict and write neat-clean code to produce the best products and services.
  • Software testing is one of the crucial stages of software development. And there exists a variety of AI tools that measure the quality of the product, find out the bugs, errors, and ensure error-free testing.
  • Lastly, the machine learning capabilities in AI makes the deployment to a newer version. AI prevent software developers from falling to vulnerabilities and helps in the up-gradation.

If we are able to use AI calculatively in the present running processes, then AI can prove itself as a boon in the businesses. A lot of Python web development company in USA have already understood its advantages and are making its good use.

Overall, Artificial intelligence will have impacts on our lives and if the impacts are good, then it is best for us!

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