How to Use a Hair Conditioner and its Benefits?

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Damaged hair is always difficult to manage because it can further lead to hair breakage, tangles, and eventually hair loss. To prevent your hair from getting damaged, you must follow a particular hair care routine and use hair products that nourishes your mane. Most of the time, you may use products without knowing whether they are suitable for your hair or not. Sometimes, excessive heat styling, colouring, and usage of chemicals result in damaged hair. So, it is important to choose the right products and also have a hair care routine which can help you to manage your hair.

One of the most common hair problems you can find in people is dryness which leads to frizziness and sometimes even hair breakage. When your scalp loses the natural oils, then it can become flaky which leads to dryness. So, it is quite important to moisturize your hair to prevent it from becoming frizzy and tangled. Hair dryness can be at times seasonal as well and may cause a lot of discomfort. To avoid all these problems, you should find out about various hair products that help you maintain your locks. There are well-known brands like Schwarzkopf that have a wide range of hair care products to help you handle your mane with care.

All you need to know is which product to use and when. To begin with, shampoo and conditioners are the basic hair care products that everyone needs. The shampoo is used for cleansing the hair and scalp whereas the conditioners are used to nourish the locks. Many people think that hair conditioners are not so important but it's not true.

Hair conditioners are products that help in moisturizing and conditioning hair. It has a creamy formula that is used to make your hair softer, frizz-free, and shiny.

Step-by-Step Guide to Use a Hair Conditioner

Step 1: Wash your mane thoroughly with shampoo and rinse.

Step 2: Drain out the excess water from your hair

Step 3: Take the instructed amount of hair conditioner in your hand and start applying it to the shaft.

Step 4: Apply the hair conditioner thoroughly to the edges of the hair shaft with the help of your fingers or a wide-toothed comb to smoothly apply the product.

Step 5: Leave the conditioner for 1 - 2 minutes which is the common recommended time.

Step 6: Rinse your hair after 2 minutes.

Note: Please don’t apply the conditioner to your scalp because it will make your scalp oily.

What are the Benefits of Using a Hair Conditioner?

  1. Reduces Dryness and Frizziness in the Hair:

Dry and damaged hair is often problematic because it makes your hair lifeless, frizzy, and tangled. Hair damage caused by heat tools or dyes can take a long time to recuperate. Hence, your mane needs more nourishment to prevent it from breakage or frizziness. You can tackle this issue by using conditioners like Schwarzkopf Conditioner to repair your dull and porous hair.

  1. Makes Your Hair Soft:

Hair conditioners not only hydrate your hair but also improve the texture. It reduces the roughness and makes it softer. As a result, your locks will become manageable while combing or styling.

  1. Add Shine to Your Hair:

Dry or damaged hair often looks lifeless and dull. By applying the conditioners, your mane will become shiny and healthy.


Haircare is as important as face care. So, using the right products and following certain hair care routines will always keep your hair healthy. Hair conditioners are an integral part of your hair care regime which will always prevent it from getting dull or porous by adding the necessary hydration to your locks.

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