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Google Drive is on-cloud storage offered by Google for users to store their important documents on. However, sometimes users cannot upload files on Google drive using the web. If you are not able to upload files on Google drive, then you may find this post helpful. Read the entire blog and follow the instructions to upload files in Google Drive on Windows 10.

Cannot Upload Files on the Google Drive
Here is the list of troubleshooting to this problem:
  1. Disconnect and connect again to Google Account.
  2. Install or start Backup and sync again.
  3. Stop the Ad Blockers for Google Drive.
  4. Divide the files upload in small divisions.
  5. Check the position of the Drive.
  6. Use the Private or Incognito.
  7. Remove the Browsing Data.
  8. Use another browser.
  9. Ensure that the images are switched ON.
  10. Check the connection.
  11. Ensure problems with the file.
Disconnect and Connect Again to Google Account
If you want to disconnect and connect to Google Account, then you can follow the provided steps:
  1. Open Backup or Sync by tapping on a cloud icon in the notification area.
  2. Tap on the vertical ellipsis section.
  3. Select Preferences.
  4. Choose settings.
  5. Click on Disconnect Account.
  6. Press OK.
  7. When the account is disconnected, hit Backup and Sync option again then sign in to Google account.
Install or Start Again Backup and Sync
If you want to install or start Backup and sync again, then abide by the given instructions:
  1. Tap on Backup and Sync cloud option in the notification area.
  2. Press vertical ellipsis section and select Quit Backup and Sync.
  3. Type backup and sync in the Windows search to open it.
  4. Choose an app from the results.
  5. Otherwise, users can also install the Sync and Backup again together:
  6. Tap Windows key + R in Run box then input appwiz.cpl.
  7. Press Enter.
  8. Choose an app from the list in Programs and Features applet then uninstall it.
  9. Download the app and install it again.
Stop the Ad Blockers for the Google Drive
Issues have been seen with ad-blocking extensions that can block internet access or block uploads on the application. So if the users are facing the problem with uploading files, then they can try to disable or white list the Drive ad-blocking tool.
Divide the Files Upload into Small Parts
Follow the provided steps to divide the files upload into small parts:
  1. Search contents of the files.
  2. Choose files.
  3. Upload each file individually.
  4. Check the status of the Drive
  5. Navigate to G-suite Dashboard to ensure any outages in Google drive. If the Google drive is down, then you have to wait for service to back again.
Use the Private or Incognito
In case you need to use the Private or Incognito, then you need to follow the offered steps:
  1. Go to an incognito window in the browser.
  2. Sign in to Drive.
  3. Try to upload the files again.
Remove the Browser Data
A browser can save the cache, cookies, and other information to surf the web quickly and easily. But sometimes such data also creates browsing the problem like cannot upload files. So users have to remove the Chrome or Firefox and the Edge browsing data.
Use Another Browser
Users must be facing such problems because of the temporary support problems with the browser, or the browser may not support the drive. Though the latter is doubtful for popular browsers including Opera, Internet Explorer, Edge, Firefox, Safari. If users are using any of the mentioned browsers and changing the browser, have fixed the uploading issue then update the browser to the new version.
Ensure That the Images Are Switched ON
Google drive may stop working accurately if the images are switched OFF. Users can use it to view or upload data. However, downloading and uploading will not work.
Check the Network Connection
You may be facing such problems because of the net connectivity if uploaded folders stop due to network error. Starting the router again may resolve the problem. If it fails, then change the IP address as well as turn the firewall OFF.
  1. Connection using a VPN can be affecting upload procedure, so ensure that the VPN is OFF.
  2. If it is a problem of a network error, then reset the router may fix the issue.
Check Problems with a File
Try to upload 3 different files and check whether they can upload or not. If the files upload successfully, then there must be a problem with the file you need to upload. In such a case, if possible, change the format or name of the file as well as ensure that there must be not a single characters used in the folder name, and if a file is large is more than 2GB then split a file using 7-zip and then upload it.
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