How to Teach the Significance of Punctuality to Children

by Samiksha S. Author

Time is probably the most important of all the dimensions we deal with daily. In fact, each fragment of time is as essential as eternity itself.  Much like the drops that make the ocean and yet struggle to find their own existence in the mass of water, moments, too, form the structural unit of eternity. And the moments wasted never ever return. This makes it rather imperative to teach children the importance of valuing time right from an early age. For without realizing the value of time, no individual can make the most out of it.

At Sapphire International School, listed among the top schools in Noida, we firmly believe that all opportunities and potentials lie deep beneath the veil of time. No wonder, people who use time intelligently are the ones who end up achieving their goals in life. On that note, let’s have a look in this article today at some of the ways you can try and adopt to instill in your children the practice of punctuality and time management.

Bring punctuality to their routine

Teachings become engrained when the lessons are made a part of the daily routine. Thus, when you bring punctuality in the everyday schedule of your kids, you do not have to go through the strategic hassle of integrating your kids into the process. They automatically get used to it.

For instance, if they are to meet a friend for a play date, show them the urgency of reaching the spot on time. This will make them aware of the amount of importance that must be credited to time and punctuality. This will also teach them the gesture of not keeping someone waiting. When you emphasize punctuality in daily life, your children pick up the same without much ado.

Show them the odds of not being punctual

At Sapphire International School, we believe that in order to teach the kids the importance of punctuality in life, it is also essential to let them know about the odds of not being punctual. They should know what would happen if they don’t value time. Teach them how wasting the precious time they have at hand can rob them of the wonderful opportunities they might have grabbed. And this can be taught to them through everyday chores. For instance, if they take too much time to finish their meals, you can simply deduct 10 minutes off their TV time. This will help them learn that if they finish their task at hand in time, they will get to utilize the extra time they are left with really well. But the trick is to add a conclusion here. Conclude by mentioning that this was the reason why you always ask your kids to be punctual so that they do not miss out on any fun they are entitled to.     

Model it in your own behavior

It is a known fact that children learn a lot from their home environment and their parents. As such, if your aim is to teach the crucial skill of time management to your children, it is essential that you yourself start reflecting punctuality in your behavior. When we say that, we don’t mean that you get extra strict with your kids about following their everyday routines on time, but you will have to showcase the same in your own day-to-day activities. We, at Sapphire International School, ranked among the top schools in Noida, strongly believe that when your kids will find you being on-point in every task of yours, be it related to your office or home, they will automatically understand that time is something to be valued. And in an attempt to follow your footsteps, they will then try more eagerly to instill the same habit in themselves.

Time is indeed important. And as soon as the kids understand that, it is better for them. Having said that, we understand that teaching time management to kids is easy said than done. But being their mentors and guides, we also believe that imbibing punctuality in their behavior isn’t a hard nut to crack if consistent efforts are laid in the right direction.

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