How to take care of your Skin in summers?

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Summer season is a trying one for the skin. The tanning; dried and flaky skin; and lots of sweating that just seems to drown all the skincare products – huh!! For working women, the season is especially tough. They just cannot keep their skin in good condition.

However, taking care of your skin can be easy if you knew how to. You can always resort to online shopping for beauty products at top websites like the Nykaa online shopping experience - all natural for that matter, preparing a healthy routine for your skin and body. You get the option of paying at the store at your convenience and getting the products delivered to your doorstep. This is why we have come up with this post to offer you some really good tips. Find how to take care of your skin in summers.

Stay Hydrated:

No matter what your lifestyle is like; you have to make sure to drink plenty of water. At least 2-litres are the bottom-line which should be exceeded in summers. Even sitting under the AC makes your skin dehydrated and dry. So, try to put some alarms in your phones and drink plenty of water. Water is the perfect skin elixir in the summers. 

To make matters better, you can also drink flavored water. Add thin slices of freshly cut cucumber, lemon and chopped coriander in 1-liter water. Leave it for 6 or so hours and drink this water. It will not only hydrate you but also remove harmful toxins from your body. Always remember, a clean system is a key to glowing skin.

Cleanse Daily:

Whenever you are back from outdoors, rinse your face with normal water. And, if you are a working woman, you should make this process a ritual. You should never ever skip on this. However, prolonged exposure to dust and pollution requires a little bit more than simple water. So, you should opt for some gentle face wash to cleanse your face once you are home. Always apply some non-oily summer face cream or lotion after washing your face. 

Eat and Drink Properly:

look into what you eat and drink. Too many cups of tea and coffee are going to play havoc with your skin. Similarly, too much fried food and spicy food will show its effects on your face. Drink lots of natural coolants such as khus-khus sharbat, thandai, buttermilk and lemonade, etc. Eat plenty of salads and fruits. Include the gourds in your diet as they are perfect for the summer season. Drinking green coconut water on an empty stomach will work wonders for you and your skin.

Home Made Packs:

Invest some time pampering your skin on the weekends. Apply some raw milk on your face and leave it for drying. Wash with normal water and pat dry. This is one of the most amazing packs for your skin for dealing with pimples, dullness and dryness. 

There are many other homemade packs that you can try such as strawberry pack, cucumber pack, banana and honey pack, sandalwood pack and oat pack. If you don’t have much time on your hands, you can buy them online. You can opt for Nykaa beauty shopping buy makeup & cosmetics for the summer season from the herbal collection with Nykaa coupons. Do check out exciting offers from Mobile Wallet-UPIs, debit cards from specific banks to club them on your cart adding up to your cashback.

Sunscreen and Lotions – which one to choose?

It is impossible to salvage your skin in summers without the sunscreens. However, it can leave your skin in need of a moisturizer. So, many women just mix them and then apply over their faces. However, this makes both of them ineffective. Be smart and opt for the right moisturizer, face mask, sunscreen as per your skin type. Further, make sure to find one with an SPF value more than 25. These are the most effective ones when it comes to protection. 

Avoid Direct Sun-Exposure for Prolonged Times:

Prolonged sun exposure can not only cause intense tanning and dryness but also leave you dehydrated. You should make sure that you cover yourself properly. Wear a full-sleeved shrug to cover your arms and cover your head as well. Wear goggles to ward away the strong sunlight. 

Complex Makeup:

Summer is not the time for complex makeup. The face skin becomes much sensitive towards cosmetics because sweating increases its ability to absorb them. Avoid as much of your eyeliners, foundations, concealers and eyeshadows as you possibly can. Hence, choose a makeup routine that is easy on the skin. For the matter of fact, do ditch jewellery, sunglasses, watches, belts, scarves, storage-kits, etc, whenever possible.

It is strictly advisable to avoid all sorts of synthetic creams, moisturizers, face masks, nail polish-art kits and other heavy to carry off accessories. You might feel this to be a bit too much for you, but you will feel relieved at the end of your tiring day. Organic ones from Body Shop can help in huge dividends.

These are some tips to care for your skin during the summer season. So, follow them and stay beautiful throughout the summer.

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