How to Take Care of Your Gemstones?

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There is no denying the fact that jewelry made of natural stones is the most cherished possession for us, especially women. They not only invest their money to acquire these invaluable assets but also their emotions and sentiments. These exquisite and alluring gemstones have enchanted people for years, even since the ancient times. Due to their varied colors, formation, shape, they have been attracting people from all over the world. Their rarity and natural look and toughness make them all the more treasured and precious. In fact, some even pass these fascinating pieces to next generations so that they are valued and taken care of and keep the emotions attached to it alive forever. However, maintaining the beauty of these natural stone beads for years is not as easy as a pie and demands special effort. You have to handle and treat these delicate jewelry to keep them sparkling and glittering for long-term. To help you with this, we have enlisted a few tips that will guide you to preserve the beauty and shine of your diamond, rainbow moonstone beads, and other semi precious stones. Read further:

  • To make your stone-studded jewelry last for a long time, clean it regularly without a miss. It prevents the building up of harmful and disastrous chemicals which eventually keep it clear of the elements that can scratch or harm them. You don’t have to get special appliance or soap for this. Simple mild detergent and warm water is enough to clean the pieces using a soft brush to gently remove all the dirt and dust. Rinse the gemstones and dry it properly before you store them. Remember, you need to have a lot of patience when it comes to cleaning your jewelry.

  • When you are not donning the jewelry, make sure you store it safely in your locker to keep it away from scratch or damage. Tossing these expensive stones carelessly into a drawer is the worst thing that you can do with them. Ensure that you keep them in an anti-tarnish box and store hard ornaments separate from soft ones. You can also use pouches or a big box that has different compartments.

  • Many of you might have delicate skin that cannot bear harsh sunlight and you have to be careful to take proper care of yourself. Same goes true for your stone jewelry too. Heat and direct sunlight can impact the color and shine of natural stone beads, be it your pearls, amethysts, or opals. Sudden or radical temperature changes must be avoided to prevent any fracture in gemstones.

  • There are times when you have to treat gemstones to improve their clarity, shine and color. For example, resin and glass are preferred to conceal fractures of emeralds and rubies, pearls are bleached with hydrogen peroxide. If you have any such treated natural stones, then exposure to heat, sunlight, and ultrasonic cleaners may damage the beauty and charm of the stones. Therefore, take special care of them and pay proper heed to their maintenance.

When you lay your hands on any of the inexpensive and precious stone, be it pearls, topaz, rainbow moonstone beads, emeralds, etc., you have to spend a fortune and you expect them to last for years. Hence, it is necessary to ensure proper care of these treasures. So, follow these tips to keep your jewelry as new as ever.

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