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Oriental rugs are the most beautiful creation of man. These rugs speak royalty and magnificence. In earlier times, these rugs were very valuable and people used them for gifting purposes. The oriental carpets are weaved with precision and require a great level of craftsmanship to make them. The weavers are specially trained in order to get a specific design right. These rugs are not only expensive but they need a special type of cleaning and repairing treatment. Rug restoration in Dallas tx is in huge demand as people don’t want to ruin their rugs by washing and repairing it by themselves. So how can we keep the rugs clean?

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Vacuum the Rugs with Concern

Like you clean your whole house regularly, the rugs should be vacuumed too. Many times people will just walk in straight with their shoes on. The shoes are filled with dirt and small dust particles. If these particles are stuck inside the rug then they can damage the fiber of the carpet. The brush attachment on the vacuum is used for cleaning the rugs. The one with rotation should not be used as it can entangle the fibers and destroy the look. Chinese rugs cleaning can be done this way.

Using Pad Protection for Hand-Knotted Rugs

Rugs are used on different surfaces like concrete, wood, tiles, stone, granite and marble. Using a proper pad beneath your rug will give it a longer life and will also give it an anti-slipping property. With this, the rug will be saved from the usual wear and tear and will have a longer life. The pad of the rug should be soft and should be made from the right material with the correct weight. Persian rugs are hand knotted and they need special attention, Persian rugs cleaning are a wholesome task and can only be done by a professional.

Block Sunlight

If the rug is lying in that part of the room where the sunlight is occupying half of the rug and the other half is in the shade then your rug can undergo dramatic fading in the sunlight part of the rug. Direct sunlight can fade away the color of the rug and you will be left with a mismatched rug. If there is no other way to keep the rug away from the sunlight then you can rotate the rug in order to have uniform fading.

Flipping the Rug

You must have seen fringes at the end of the Turkish rugs. With regular use, the fringes can become tangled and can break away easily. Never comb the tangles to undo it; this will indeed break the threads which will damage the rug. Turkish rugs cleaning can be done by flipping them over and let the tangles be untangled in a natural way.

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Changing the Position Frequently

If your rug is in the place where there are frequent footsteps then to keep the authenticity of the rug new and shining, change the position of the rug once in a while to keep it away from the footsteps. This will increase the life span of the rug.

Rugs are easy to maintain but very difficult to clean. You never know what type of varnish or cleaning liquid is to be used for cleaning the rug in a professional way. It is always good to give the rug to professionals for cleaning.


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