How To Stay Current On Cyber Security Trends And Threats?

by kapil Mehta # Guest Blogger

Cyber Security is a fast-evolving field and what we have observed up till now is that staying up to date can be challenging. We need to be aware of the cyber threats and how to combat them.

User education is very important when it comes to cyber security but unfortunately it is the most overlooked aspect of cyber security. Educate users to avoid being a victim of such threats. This is particularly dangerous when it comes to phishing scams. However, staying up to date on the latest cyber threats will enable you to apply enhanced defense systems and furthermore help you aware your clients as well.

What’s New on the Horizon For Cyber Security Threats

Before diving into how cyber security professionals can stay current, let’s have a look at the trend for cyber security threats:

1-Ransomware: Ransomware turned into an immense issue in 2016, and its impact has been felt in pretty much every sector of life. People and organizations have succumbed to this malware that first encrypts and manipulates the client's information and demands cash in return to get the data back. Predictions regarding an increase in ransomware attacks are being made.

2-Attackers will get smarter: Attackers are always ahead of the counterattack team and they will only grow smarter in the coming time. Their expertise to write bespoke targeted code will only evolve stronger than the counterattack team.

They will move forward with the exploitation of Dark Web, through which they can successfully hide and communicate without coming into the sight.

3-CryptoJacking: Crypto jacking is the unauthorized way of using of third-party devices like computers, phones, tablets to mine cryptocurrency. Attackers accomplish this by either using a malicious link which loads crypto mining code on the user’s device, or by infecting a website or online ad with a code that executes itself in the victim’s system.

4-Typosquatting: Typo squatting is the form of a cyber-attack in which the attacker has access to domains that are similar to famous sites. This issue must be a concern for the users rather than security experts but staying current on all kind of threats is also important. The attacker could sit on instead of and this minor typographical error would enable him to spread the malware through browser.

5-Mobile malware: Laptops and computer systems’ need has diminished and will continue to do so soon. As the use of mobile phones is growing, this will be one of the top and soft targets for cyber threats in 2019 and the coming years.

Cybercriminals can spy on iPhone and Android devices like a pro with different tools so as a user we have to be vigilant enough to protect ourselves.

6-Internet of Things issues: IoT allows for data exchange among different devices and as the IoT continues to grow, security has become a serious issue. Inter-related devices can be hijacked easily as the attackers are getting smarter than what we have to protect us. Cloud attacks, data breaches through malicious malware are posing dangerous threats for everyone.

How to Stay Up to Date

As you’ve just read about the threats and this might have made you sweat, here are a few ways in which you can stay current on security trends and save yourself from a mess:

1- Follow security professionals/influencers

In the era where knowledge is digital, available online, backed up in giant servers, and on the fingertips with every search term. You can gain knowledge on anything you want and increase your database in a different number of ways of your preference.

It depends if you want to learn from traditional sources such as newspapers, websites and blogs from security professionals, social media platforms are also a good way to interact with experts and learn something new.

2- Attend cybersecurity events

Attending events help you get in touch with your friends and colleagues, to find out about the happenings and popular trends of the present. Webinars and workshops on cyber security are held very often which offers a good chance to check up on the latest trends, threats, practices, patterns, and research discoveries that have an impact on your everyday responsibilities.

3- Invest in a cybersecurity system

Seems like too much money would be spent in building a cyber security system but the benefits it has to offer you would be countless. Spending your time monitoring the data is a total waste of time and it will not protect your data from any cyber threats as well. To protect your system from data breaches, invest in a cyber security system that will not only keep an eye on the data but also warns you of the potential threats.

4- Be aware of every reported cyber attack

Another effective method to guarantee that you're aware of the most recent cybersecurity threats is to make sure that you read every relevant article in the news. One of the hugest cyber security breaches was the disclosure in 2016 that around one billion Yahoo accounts had been hacked. Adobe had witnessed a massive hacking in 2013 where 150 million accounts were hacked.

5- Go for cloud data storage

In recent times, Cloud is one of the most secure platforms to store and protect your data. Cloud security is another field in IT industry which has its own standards, policies and technologies to protect cloud-based data.

Cloud adheres to the latest cyber security standards which means SSL encryptions, alerts of potential data breaches, automatic updates, regular data backups.

To remain on the front line of cyber security, keep on devouring content as much as you can, regardless of whether it is reading, discussing, watching videos, attending best cyber security bootcamp classes, or attending webinars. Because as you learn, you will grow with the industry and once you stop, you'll lag behind.

While you won't have the opportunity or tendency to dedicate each waking hour in your cyber security interests, you can absolutely stay up to date without losing your brain by consuming the data online. There are a lot of things that will make you go insane, getting familiar with cyber security shouldn't be one of them.

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