How to Speed up an Android Device

by Hayate Abul Digital Marketing

Android is a famous operating system all over the globe as 2.5 billion systems running the version of the software. Its spontaneous design is compatible with mostly every phone manufacturer accepts Apple, which makes it an obvious favorite for every user.

Though like any other device, the Android phone slows down as time passes. It will mostly happen on old models specifically to those that are not receiving software updates but can affect the new flagship. If you want to speed up, then this post might be useful for you. Read the blog and follow the instructions to speed up Android.

Android Device

How to Locate What Is Slowing the Android Phone

This way, you can detect the exact reason that slows down the device to do the clean up as effectively as it requires is. There are several apps accessible that enables you to view the real-time CPU or GPU use on the phone. The app Profiler is good for this, which is free to download on Google Play store. It will also show you the RAM usage, temperature, and network traffic. All the data is precious while deciding where to send the resources.

How to Speed up Android

Remove Unnecessary Apps

A major problem for slowing down the Android phone is when you may have installed a lot of apps more than its space, most of it that you may have downloaded on impulse and never used it. Android phones will slow down like the computer if it is filled with the apps. You must begin by going through the downloaded apps and remove the unnecessary ones to free the space. Keep in remind to uninstall it completely instead of moving the app from the screen.

Get Rid of Media

Another thing to remove on an Android device or tablet is the media. A similar method as the apps cover a lot of space, the pictures, videos, and music do the same. So if you have shot the 4k video mostly or saved the full music library on the phone. To speed up the Android phone search in all the media that exists and remove anything that creates space on your device.

Delete Widgets

Widgets are the amazing feature of Android. However, they take a lot of processing power to run in comparison to normally showing the tab. If you are using more on various screens, think which one you don’t use and one that you often use. Having little will clear the load on the Android phone, which will speed up the device.

Remove the RAM-Using App Manager

It will stop the app automatically if it requires space that is not used fully. However, you may also have the user effect like what is going in the background. To begin, you have to launch the current apps and then remove anything that is not used by you by swiping off the screen.

If you want to remove the RAM using the app manager, then you can follow the provided steps:

  1. Then You can navigate to the Settings.
  2. Click on the Apps.
  3. Select the Running option.
  4. This option will be accessed on Device care on the Samsung phones, so it is worthy of checking where you may locate on the phone.

Apps that use cache or space is not completely bad; things are also done like this to prevent loading every time you launch the app.

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