How To Simplify Your Life

by Neha V. Blogger

In the quest to become the best version of you, there are many books you will read, videos you’ll watch nodding to everything spoken, and you may want to be a monk at some point because of the simplicity in their lives. Unfortunately, it feels like the only thing that you are doing is getting drowned and work. 

Even so, you have to strive to lead a simple life, especially if you wish to follow in the footsteps of the monks and other people known to live simply. As a busy Toronto tax lawyer, here are some of the things you can try doing to fashion as a simple life:

1.       Declutter

This is about the clothes and furniture you no longer or never used, the shirt that looked great at the store yet you could never bring yourself to wearing, and the club membership you pay for but no longer use – just get rid of them and cancel those memberships, as well as the credit cards.

You will get the temptation to hold onto that dress but, what makes you think you will still use it when you haven’t used it before? In the decluttering game, there are no time-outs for maybes. Also, decluttering means that you should stop making promises you cannot keep. In simple terms, trim the fat!

2.       Opt to scale vertically, not horizontally

What is on your list of things to buy or projects to take on this month? Do you think that those extra plans are helping you lead a simpler and more productive life?

Unfortunately, adding more pieces to the puzzle complicates everything. Also, more pieces to the puzzle, which is your life will only keep your brain confused as it tries to switch from one mode to the other. Instead of trying to spin all those wheels, you should think about going deeper into one part of your life. Evaluate all your projects and put in more effort into that one project that means a lot to you more than the others. It is simply working on something you are passionate about. By diving deep, rather than spreading wide, less will be more, gradually.

3.       Create specific expectations

There is a difference between saying ‘I want to learn x, and saying I want to learn social marketing’ or ‘I want to get rich, and I want a million dollars in my account in six months.’

By setting clear expectations and targets, you pass the ambiguity cloud; ambiguity breeds mistakes, disappointments, and frustrations. Therefore, you should set objective and not subjective expectations.

4.       Stop overbooking your calendar

How do you feel when you have your calendar booked back-to-back, that you don’t have any breathing space? While it feels good to have a list of things to do; it is smart to limit the items on your list to what is important to your vertical scalability.

If your schedule is the expectation and not the exception, it will not be sustainable or healthy. Keeping in mind your downtime is crucial.

5.       Stop gossiping – nurture healthy habits.

You need to develop a daily habit geared towards making you better. So, if you are at a point where you don’t like what you have become, evaluate your habits. Gossiping breeds drama and complicates your life.  Ensure that everything you do makes you a better individual.

Finally, life is simple fulfilling when you give more. Give you time, knowledge, and talents.


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