How to repair damaged laptop hard drive

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Your hard drive got damaged and you want to at least recover the data? but you do not have the budget to entrust this repair to a company. Do not worry at Cell service we bring you a guide to recover your hard drive yourself.

Repair laptop hard drive

Determine if it is an electronic or mechanical problem

Every hard disk has two differentiated modules: the electronic one, which contains the disk's control circuitry; and the mechanical one, which contains the platters with the read/write heads and the magnetic material. To check where the problem is, you should check if the hard disk spins when the PC starts up: if it spins normally, but it is not recognized by the computer, it is most likely an electronic problem. But if it doesn't turn, it's probably mechanical.

Recover a hard drive with electronics problems

The solution in this case is to get a second hard drive, the same as the damaged one, and change the electronic part. The problem is that they are almost never found, so you will have no choice but to go to a specialist data recovery company.

Recover a hard drive with mechanical problems - Hard drive data recovery

Solution 1 – Freeze the hard drive

Believe it or not, it is the solution with the highest success rate, since among the most frequent mechanical problems are the deformation of the plates due to overheating , which deforms losing its ability to rotate, or does so with difficulty, causing damage. hard drive operation. When you freeze it, the warped item temporarily regains its shape, more than enough time to dump the data onto another hard drive.

Solution 2: Change the position of the hard drive

Sometimes you can solve the problem by changing the position of the hard drive ; it's easy if the original position of the hard drive was vertical, try putting it horizontally, or face up. Then cross your fingers and boot up your computer.

Solution 3 – Hit the hard drive or drop it

Other times, the hard drive stops spinning because the heads are stuck to the platter. In these cases, dropping it from a height of about 20 cm onto a firm surface can be the solution. Similarly, you can hit it with the palm of your hand on the side.


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