How to properly install a lawn in three steps

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The secret of a beautiful lawn lies in careful preparation of the soil before sowing. Each hour devoted to all these operations is an additional guarantee of success.

Prepare the terrain


For a long time we recommended the chemical treatment, the use of weedkiller, to avoid the gardener the long and tedious task of eliminating the "bad" herbs from the place of the future lawn.

No herbicide has no impact on the environment because it can pollute groundwater, when it is not soil.

To make a clean space, there is no choice but to work the ground. Provided that the grass in place does not suit you. Indeed, grasses and other native plants that have settled spontaneously have the advantage of being perfectly adapted to the climate and soil of your garden. They often comprise a "rustic" lawn quite satisfactory.

Work, amend

If the area where the lawn is to be planted, remove the grass plates in place at the home. Stored in piles, they will compost by providing you with an interesting soil the following year. Three to four months before sowing, plow or dig the ground. Take the opportunity to remove stumps of perennial weeds (bindweed, thistle ...), pebbles ... and to amend acid soils with crushed limestone. In autumn, apply dehydrated manure, compost, beet vinasse or other organic matter to the soil . Or sow a green manure. About 3 weeks before sowing, loosen the soil. Practice the technique of false seeding: in this just stirred soil, part of the underground seed stock, raised to the surface, will germinate and they will be eliminated as they appear. The soil does not need to be worked in depth. Indeed, the rooting of the grass is very superficial. A layer of 10 cm of good soil is thus sufficient to sow.

Pack the soil

Work in dry weather with a roll of about 100 kg. Clear all imperfections. The land is ready for sowing when traces (trampling, gear, wheelbarrows) have disappeared. This is an operation that is essential to perform.

To obtain a level ground, the installation of level stakes is necessary. Make rake profiles and join them together. Demarcate, by picketing, more or less large squares, according to the size of the lawn to be trained. Rake each square, one after the other, to obtain the flattest surface possible. Bring together each profiled square into a coherent whole.

The best settlement is still that which is done by the foot. Trampling, directly after scratching, weighing the entire weight of the body alternately from left to right. Rake then slightly before sowing.

Prepare the ground exactly as for sowing. Do this before ordering the turf roll that must be placed upon receipt. Start at the bottom of the lawn and go backward. Fill the joints with a mixture of sand and compost. Ride immediately on the laid lawn. However, if you need to hire a professional service, we recommend contacting Frisco sod installation.

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