How to Plan a Year of Great Content on a Small Budget

by Ronald Wolf Business Consultant

The year was 1996, the author was Bill Gates and the essay was titled “Content is King”. Said essay was published on the Microsoft website and we must admit that now it seems more relevant than ever. We are living in the era of advanced technology and people are often more involved with virtual reality and all of their screens than real life. If you are a business owner, you must embrace the fact and if you play the game by these new-age rules, you can greatly benefit from it and always be ahead of the competition. Of course, we are talking about various forms of digital marketing and some of the latest trends that seem to be here to stay.    

Why is it so important?

To understand the importance and relevance of sharing content, we must take all the surrounding factors of modern life into consideration. As technology advances, almost on a daily basis, people’s mindsets are changing as well. Our expectations and needs do so in accordance. Developing a comprehensive content strategy for your business seems only logical, as we are constantly surrounded by various types of it, and on so many levels. There has been a sudden increase of platforms from which we receive content, especially with the rise of popularity of social media networks. People have developed numerous habits which are all directly related to both sharing and receiving content, and it has become an important aspect of our everyday lives and routines. Sharing content for your company means responding to those needs, and people will appreciate it, which means your value as a brand will increase. 

Low budget - no problem!

If you are worried that there is no room for dedicating a certain percentage of your yearly budget to marketing strategies of sharing content, we have some great news for you! There are many ways to promote your business with little or no money at all, thanks to various online services. Of course, when you are ready to upgrade your services, you will be able to do so easily! That is the beauty of virtual platforms, most of them will have a free and a paying option, so once you’ve attracted new audiences, you can just change your monthly plan in one click.       

Email marketing 

Email marketing is a proven method that most of your customers will simply love, and for the ones who don’t, there is an unsubscribe option. You should collect the email addresses of your existing clients, and add a call to action Subscribe me” option on each page of your website for the best results. You can create an automatic weekly newsletter and include all the latest updates about your working hours, new locations and of course, the latest offers and discounts. There should also be something additional for your most loyal customers, such as promotional discount codes. Adding interesting articles and videos is also recommended, as well as personalization. This means creating several groups from your total list and adapting content to some variables, for example, their age.

Share videos!

According to digital marketing experts all over the world, video is the most effective and engaging form of content. For this reason, video content should be in your top priority forms of marketing your company. It can help you raise your brand awareness and evoke emotions for people to associate them with your products or services. You can create promotional videos, tutorials, funny and emotional ones, the whole spectrum can be effective. For starters create a YouTube channel, and promote it through your website, social networks and email; and then you should consider investing in video production Sydney services for creating the material. This will enable your potential viewers all the freedom to watch even your live streaming videos whenever they are able to do so!

Social media content

Let’s face it, most people can’t imagine their life without social media networks anymore. Your company should use this to its advantage, as there are no better and more creative platforms for sharing content. You can post regularly without worrying you will end up in the “Spam” folder, unlike with emails. Besides posting about the latest offers and discounts, the possibilities are endless. Social networks are a great way to humanize your company and make people relate to you more. You should use the option of daily stories to remind your followers about your brand, and therefore raise awareness of it. 

Interesting content which isn’t strictly related to your business is a golden rule every social media manager recommends. This means you should post your favourite albums and songs, funny or educational infographics and quotes from your favourite movies and TV-shows as well. It will make you more likeable, and you will reach wider audiences. Furthermore, people will be able to share your posts to their profiles and spread the word of your existence. You can create polls and publish contests to engage your audience even more! Just remember to obligately leave an option for reviews and ask for feedback as much as you can! People will appreciate you valuing their input.    

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