How to Pick the Right Dining Table Set for Your Space?

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The right kind of dining table set for you will be the one that is in your budget, is well crafted, fits well into your space, and has a timeless style that would look wonderful even after years. You must inspect the building and structure carefully before taking the final decision. If you are buying it online, read the details and reviews properly.

Dining Table Set

Before making the big purchase, you must keep in mind some key factors that will help you in making the right choice. These are some really basic tips that may sound simple but will actually play a major role in deciding which type of dining set you bring into your house. Come, let’s check them out.

  1. Use a Measuring Tape
    Your dining table set must fit into the dining area properly. It should not be too big to make your space look all cramped up. It has to be of the perfect size so that the area has enough floor space for other furniture and décor items too.

    Dining tables can be really huge and you must keep in mind the space around it as well. Apart from the footprint of your table set, you will need at least two-three feet empty space on all the sides for your room to breathe. It will also let you sit comfortably and move around too.
  2. Consider Your Requirements
    Usually, people go for rectangular and square tables. So, you will find a huge number of options to pick from in these two shapes. Explore all the options you have - different colours, different styles, extendable properties, and so on. If you go for an oval or a round table, you will get more space for moving around as it would cut off the corners and yet offer a nice surface. If you have a compact rectangular space, you must definitely go for oval dining table sets.

    Oval and round tables are perfect for getting together and parties as there are no heads at the table. However, if you live in a big joint family, a nicely spread-out rectangular table would be the right choice.
  3. Check Out the Table Supports
    The base, usually a trestle, pedestal, or legs, can have an impact on the number of people who can fit at that table. You do not want the leg space getting invaded by the dining set Make sure you have enough room for your knees after you are scooting in. Also, verify if you can sit with your legs crossed under the table. The apron, which is the frame that holds your tabletop, can be cut down on the room for maneuvering.

    In order to be more flexible with your visitors, you must check the leg width as well as the space where your legs are placed. Usually, a dining table set with thin legs or with legs at the corners makes it easier for squeezing in an extra chair. A trestle or pedestal table offers more flexibility in adding more people to the table.
  4. Picking the Right Material
    Choosing the right material for the table is very important. However, it can get a little challenging as we have so many options to pick from. While picking a dining table set online, you need to keep in mind your personal style, ease of care, prices, and so on. If a table does not fit any or all of these above criteria, you need to pick another dining set. You do not want to regret shopping for something which does not even serve its purpose properly.

    Wooden dining table sets are very durable as well as easy to repair. Teak, Sheesham, and mango wood are very popular these days. They look stunning and also last for decades. Glass Dining tables come in tinted, frosted, and clear versions. These table sets are less expensive than the wooden ones and give a very open and free vibe. Glass is not susceptible to moisture, making it a nice choice for your dining set.  Make sure you are not clumsy around it and it will last you for years to come. Metal tables are also very commonly used in dining table sets. Their high-shine look makes them very unique and distinct. They do not get damaged easily and are easy to repair as well.
  5. Check the Overall Construction
    A nice dining table set is bound to be sturdy-well-crafted, and come with a finish that can stand the test of time after heavy use. The material plays a pivotal role in deciding the quality of construction here. You must check out the joinery, that is, the places where your tabletop and the base fit together. It has to be very solid as that would determine how long will the table last.

Buying a dining table set can be a very easy job if you keep these pointers in mind and be alert at the time of purchase. Do not settle just for looks. Make sure you check its construction, built, and finish well before finally buying it.

Look underneath the floor sample at the store: Wood joined directly with wood is very strong; too many attachments and hooks can weaken the construction. In general, simpler is better. “Look at the connection points where the legs meet the tabletops and at the corners — if the pieces are starting to separate, you see gaps at the corners, or it’s wobbly when you move it, it’s not well constructed,” Ms. Harris said. And beware of really inexpensive tables: They could be held together just with staples and glue.

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