How to Optimize Your Website for Voice Search?

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Many believe that time is changing and with it, marketing strategies are also evolving. To keep the pace with new technological advancements, every SEO services company is trying to come up with something new and innovative and adopting new techniques according to consumer behaviour. The latest major change that we have witnessed is the approach in online search. It is said that users are now more inclined toward voice search and brands need to optimize their content accordingly. 

However, contrary to the belief, we would like to make a point clear. Voice search is not a new concept or something that has been popularized by youth as a trend. It has been around since 2008 in an earlier version of Google. Having said that, we also agree that it reached a new height of popularity in the past three years where voice searches have been doubled up as compared to 2015. Moreover, SEO services company emphasis on optimizing the web page for voice search as it gives more accurate results as compared to the traditional way. For example, if you ask Google, ‘Who is the leading actress of the movie Wonder Woman?’ You will instantly get the answer Gal Gadot. Then you can say ‘Is she married?’ The search engine will automatically understand who are you talking about. The search will be more conversational and you can search sequentially without repeating key parts again and again. 

Now, as you are familiar with the benefits of voice search, it’s time to learn how you can optimize your page for it. So, let’s get started:

Add FAQs

Before you start working on voice search, you need to remember that there is a difference between the way one looks for a query in a traditional way and via voice search. Users type the relevant keywords in the former while ask questions in the latter. For example, if they want to know the theatre near them, then they will ask ‘name the theatre near me’ or if they want to get Chinese food delivered, then they will say ‘what restaurants deliver Chinese food near me?’ Therefore, you need to include questions in your content and answer them in a short and precise way. It doesn’t necessarily have to be an FAQ page but you can create your content around the questions that you think are relevant to your brand. 

Don’t Forget Mobile Search

Most people are now using smartphones to look for the query and that is a primary reason behind the growing popularity of voice search. Users prefer saying the keywords on the microphone rather typing them. Considering this, every SEO services company is diverting the attention toward making the site optimized for the mobiles as well. Furthermore, it is also essential to answer basic questions, such as what, why, who, how, when in your content.

Avoid Jargons

Keep it simple is more valid in voice search than the traditional one. No one will say complicated keywords while searching for product or service. They will use simple words and sentences that we use in day to day life. Also, use short sentences that are written in an easy language and is readable conveniently. The visitors prefer those sites which answer the questions in a clear and precise manner rather than those that write lengthy sentences and content on a simple topic.

Optimize for Other Searches 

It is always better to create content that is optimized for desktop, mobile, and voice search. Use the language that people converse in and write search-engine friendly blogs and articles so that you don’t have to make the amendments again and again according to changing algorithms. This will help you retain your top position in SERPs and drive quality traffic to your page.

The number of mobile phone users is skyrocketing and will increase further in future as well. That is why SEO services company are focusing on creating the optimized website and content for traditional as well as voice searches. We hope that this article helped you understand the basics of this new trend that is taking over the digital marketing strategies.

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