How To Mix And Use Henna and Indigo For Gray Hair


Premature gray hair is a complete NO NO!!! Dyeing gray hair is the most habitual way to make them to go away, but this is possible only for a short time since hair dyeing is a temporary process. Dyes from the store are said to be safe and seem to be convenient to use. However, these dyes have chemicals which are unhealthy for hair in reality. Choosing a natural dye is preferable to make your hair healthy and shiny. A Henna and Indigo combination is the perfect solution to keep your hair away from chemicals.

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Henna is the most widely used organic hair coloring dye all across the world. We all are aware of what is henna so let us learn more about indigo dye. Indigo is one of the oldest natural hair coloring dye. Indigo natural leaf powder is obtained by grinding the plant Indigofera tinctoria.  Only the pure natural dyes obtained from this plant are considered to be safe and healthy for hair while the synthetic ones are not but becoming popular nowadays.

Benefits of Henna & Indigo


1. If henna is applied alone then it colors your hair reddish-orange and indigo gives your hair a bluish shade. When henna and indigo are mixed, then they give a shiny black color to the hair.


2. If you use this mixture regularly, then it will help you to prevent getting your hair gray.


3. Use of indigo & henna hair oil helps in stimulating hair growth and if applied regularly, then it prevents dandruff & other skin infections.


4. If you are tired of brittle and frizzy hair, then Indigo is a very good option to make your hair smooth.

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Things you need to prepare this mixture

For making a hair mask of henna and indigo, you will need the followings:

       Henna powder

       Indigo powder


       Yoghurt or lemon juice



       Mixing bowl and spoon



       Shower cap




How to prepare this mixture?

1. Take a mixing bowl and mix organic hair color powder with lemon juice or yoghurt. Vitamin C will help in enhancing the dyeing color.


2. Now slowly add water to this mixture and keep stirring till you have a thick smooth paste ready.


3. Cover the bowl and leave it overnight so the dyeing color gets released.


4. Next morning, mix the natural indigo leaf powder and salt in the henna mixture.


5. After the mixture is prepared, cover your shoulders with an old towel so that your neck and clothes do not get stained.


6. Divide your hair into as many portions you can and start applying the dye.


7. Once you are done, tie your hair in a bun and cover it with a shower cap. Then leave it on for 2 hours.


8. Make sure to wash your hair with cool water and use a mild shampoo otherwise the hair color will fade.

Tips to Remember

 Do not forget to wear gloves because the dye tends to stain your hands. 

 Apply petroleum jelly on your face line and ears to prevent them from getting colored. 

  It is better if you wear old clothes as there is a chance of your clothes to get stained. 

❖ Always remember to do a spot test before using the product for the first time.

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