How to Make Your eCommerce Store Stand Out

by Emma L. Business consultant

The online shopping experience is taking over the world. It is predicted that there will be 1.92 billion digital purchasers worldwide in 2019. That's a big number of potential clientele. As a matter of fact, with an estimated global population of 7.7 billion, ecommerce shoppers equal to about 25% percent of the world's population. What's more, this number is predicted to go even higher in the coming years.

And yet, there are countless ecommerce shops in just about every niche. Making your store stand out from the competition and attracting more customers and sales seems like a daunting task. Don’t worry. This is why we’ve created this post with 4 tips you can use to make your shop sit at the top of the ecommerce world.


If your ecommerce shop cannot compete on price, product or shipping, you may discover that your voice is something others can’t copy. Even if they duplicate your business in every other aspect, your branding can remain to be unique, and your own.

Can you highlight certain unique aspects of your business? For instance, maybe you sell handmade products ‒ use custom packaging, or sport environmentally friendly business operations. Or maybe your products need less repair and maintenance than products from your competitors. What’s unique or quirky in your business persona? You can bring humor to market fraught with seriousness, or vice versa.

Although some of these strategies can be imitated, there are also those that aren’t. Know the difference, and remain adaptable if your unique selling point is no longer viable.

Off high-end products – do the research and sell something better

There is no better way to increase your circle of customers than by having the best or most useful product on the market. Such products spread word-of-mouth marketing all by themselves. Doing your research will ensure that your product is different from what’s already in the market. For example, find best-selling products which are similar to your own. Then, discover and examine what makes them the best.

You can even consider advertising your product as an update to theirs – including newer technology or looking at the most recent industry trends. Having a cutting-edge product means staying ahead of the curve. Make sure that you have investigated your industry, found trends, and made an original product that can set you apart.

UX – User Experience

Finding visitors for your website isn’t easy, so your website needs to be designed in a way that ensures that the steps for purchasing are as simple and enjoyable as possible. Nothing will frustrate your potential customer more than a site that is slow, cluttered and poorly designed. Even if they don’t go away agitated, your site will likely appear unsecured and unprofessional or even make them think – maybe Amazon has what I need?

You can resolve your website design issue in multiple ways. For instance, you can contact Shopify plus experts for crafting striking user experience for your ecommerce store or put yourself in the shoes of your customers and try to browse and buy on your website. Always check that all the links on your website aren't broken. The same applies to your site's mobile responsiveness. Smartphone responsive websites are important as people gravitated towards buying online from their mobiles.

Nurture your clients

As your customers can't look or touch your products in person, it remains crucial they see what your products and customer service are like. Several five-star ratings will prove that you're a trustworthy and reliable brand. The more individuals leave positive reviews, the more your business credibility will increase. Purchasers trust other purchasers. Ensure your clientele has the best possible experience with your brand and its products.

For instance, once an item is delivered, you can send its buyer a courtesy email. Ask if there were any problems with the purchase. This added courtesy conveys that you care about the relationship your customer has with your business, and their experiences with it. 

Growing your ecommerce brand isn't simple. So many businesses start every day, but rarely which survives after a few years. The best way to stand out is to find and embrace what makes your business different. Continuing to learn and experiment with different strategies will help you discover what works best for your company.

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