How to Make Whey Protein Shakes with a Protein Shaker bottle

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With fitness awareness-raising, people are getting conscious about how they look and what they eat. This is why the world has seen a significant rise in the number of gyms and fitness centers. Protein offers multiple benefits and is essential for well-being. It helps build muscle, regulate hormones, curbing hunger, decreasing muscle loss, oxygenating essential compounds to the body, digesting and repairing tissue. The health division prescribes that every individual must consume protein equivalent to 10 percent of their body weight. This amount of protein is difficult to get from a regular food diet. This is why protein powders and shakes are becoming essential. Whey protein has gained popularity for the multiple benefits that it offers. Whey is the watery portion of the milk that gets separated in making cheese. This is considered an excellent protein source that helps lower blood pressure, accelerates muscle growth, helps treat type 2 diabetes, reduces inflammation, satiating hunger, and loses weight. 


One can mix the protein powder in a glass of water using a spoon, but a person who has done it knows how difficult the task can be as it ends up forming lumps, and the powder sticks to the sides despite mixing it for a considerable amount of time. This is why protein shaker bottles are extremely useful in such a case.

To get a perfect, creamy shake every time, it is advisable to purchase the right shaker bottle. Deciding how many liquid contents are required for your shake can help decide the shaker's size. You might love to check out these amazing protein shakers at We are listing the entire process of how to make perfect whey protein shakes in a protein shaker below.


Step 1


Protein powder can be consumed with milk, water, and juices. Read the instructions thoroughly on the protein powder box about the amount of liquid needed to mix the contents properly. It is important to pour the liquid into the shaker bottle before putting it to prevent forming any lumps. Pouring the liquid before will also prevent any protein powder from sticking to the sides of the shaker.


Step 2


The next step involves putting the protein powder in the protein shaker. It is recommended to read the amount of protein to be consumed. It is better to consult with a doctor or fitness expert to know the right amount of protein that one can consume and should not be exceeded the prescribed dosage. Also, factors like the intensity of the workout determine the protein's quantity. Generally, for a light workout session, one scoop of protein (scoop that comes with the protein powder) should be enough, and if not, a maximum of two scoops should be enough.


Step 3


Add solid ingredients that you would like to accompany in the protein drink. Fruits, dry fruits, nuts, oats, etc., can be added to enhance the protein shake's taste. Other proteins like chia seeds, flax seeds, almond butter, etc., can enhance the protein content. The key is to experiment with different tastes to develop a healthy habit.


Step 4


Following the above three steps, the post-close the lid of the shaker tightly by revolving it in a clockwise direction. It is important to close the cap securely before shaking to prevent leakage or spilling. Ensure you hear the cap snap when you close it to ensure that it is tightly closed.


Step 5


When the cap is sealed shut, shake the protein shaker vigorously in the up and down

direction for about thirty seconds continuously. It is important to shake the shaker bottle passionately to get a smooth, creamy shake. This process will break all the lumps and fruits and result in a perfectly consistent protein shake. Now open the lid and check; if the contents are not thoroughly mixed, close the cap and shake for another ten seconds.

Nothing beats the joy of having a creamy, smooth shake post a workout.



ShakesSphere is a leading brand that produces a number of protein shakers with ergonomic capsule designs. These shaker bottles are versatile, durable, BPA free and produce creamy shakes in just 15 shakes. With their capsule-shaped design, the shakers are extremely easy to clean. All the shaker bottles feature volume markings on the outside, which allows the user to ascertain the water and protein ratio, making every shake perfect. The durability of the shakers makes them complete value for money. Their unique design prevents any spillage and leakage, and the shaker bottles do not smell even after prolonged use. 

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