How to Make Rick Simpson Oil – Follow the Right Methods and Practices!

by Andrew Winslow Herbal Extractions

We want to remain healthy these days. To achieve our health objectives, we try a wide range of things. But when you are looking for ultimate health, you cannot just try anything that comes in your way. You have to use only those products that are proven to bring health benefits. There are different oils coming to the market these days that demand to promote good health for you. Rick Simpson Oil is also the one that can deliver a wide range of health benefits for you. But before using this oil, you must know how to make Rick Simpson Oil? Its Extractohol where you can find more details related to this topic.

How to make Rick Simpson Oil? When it comes to the making of such oil, the very first thing that you need to keep in mind is that it’s a kind of cannabis oil. Only the cannabis indica is taken to produce this oil. To make this oil, one pounds of cannabis indica in the dried form and one gallon of the isopropyl alcohol is taken in the bucket. Then you need to crush the cannabis with the help of a spoon that is made from wood and let the buds dissolve in the solvent. Once the cannabis is dissolved properly and to the maximum, take new container and drain that solvent into it. While draining the solvent, use a coffee strainer or cheesecloth so that the residue can be separated and only pure solvent can be collected in that container.

Rick Simpson Oil is named after Rick Simpson himself. During the year 2003, when he was diagnosed with skin cancer, he started applying that oil on the neck and face areas where the cancerous spots were located. In some days, he started to explore a great amount of relief from those spots. After that people have also started to believe that the Rick Simpson Oil or in short known as ROS can heal cancer. But there is hardly any study show that cancer can be treated with the RSO. But there are several other health benefits that such oil can bring on the use.

This type of oil carries a very higher level of THC. Due to this reason, at some places it is illegal to purchase the RSO. But where they allow the use of marijuana for medical and personal use and it’s legal, the RSO can be easily found at the cannabis dispensaries. As per the studies it was also suggested that the use of the Rick Simpson Oil can treat asthma and arthritis like health conditions.

If you are suffering from multiple sclerosis, then the Rick Simpson Oil can bring much ease for you. It can ease high blood pressure and can also treat inflammation, infections and depression like issues. People who are suffering from insomnia, the use of the Rick Simpson Oil can bring a great relief for them. As this is a cannabis oil and carries THC at a very high level, it can control vomiting and nausea like problems that the people receiving chemotherapy can experience. The use of the Rick Simpson Oil can also improve appetite and treat pain.

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