How To Look After Your Scalp After Getting Hair Transplant Surgery?

by Andrew Martin Health Consultant

Hair transplant surgery involves the harvesting of the hair grafts from the donor area which are then transplanted to the desired bald area. Hair transplant has long been the ultimate solution of the hair loss comparing to the other treatment modalities for the hair loss issue.

Hair transplant in Delhi is one of the most popular cosmetic treatments pursued by the cosmetic surgeons. Including, the hair transplant cost in Delhi has already become very affordable luring the people from worldwide for the hair transplant tourism. The cost is not the only reason for the hair transplant tourism in fact the few of the hair transplant surgeon in Delhi are very renowned to provide the excellent outcomes.

Hair transplant in Delhi

The crucial requirement for the hair transplant procedure to be successful is the right choice of the hair transplant surgeon who is skilled and expert. But one more thing which cannot be overlooked for the successful hair transplant is the aftercare followed by the hair transplant procedures.

How to look for short term complications associated with the hair transplant?

The hair transplant procedures are minimally invasive surgical procedures which do not cause any sort of morbidity associated with the procedure. The procedure is associated with few of the short term side effects after the procedure which subsides on its own within few days of the procedure. There are certain instructions which could be followed to minimize the occurrence of the associated complications which can be explained as follows:

1.      Swelling: Swelling after hair transplant usually involves the forehead and could extend to the eyebrows. It subsides in few days on its own with minimal interventions. The head should be kept at 45 degrees while sleeping. Head band is advised to be worn for at least 2 days.

2.      Itching: Itching is a common sequeale which does not need any special attention and resolves within a week. It is mandatory to avoid the touching and scratching of the recipient area as it would displace the hair grafts.

3.      Mild pain: Mild pain could be possible after the hair transplant procedures. The pain is usually bearable but still painkillers can be taken as per the hair transplant doctor instructions.

4.      Scalp pimples: Scalp pimples could be worrisome for patients but in fact it is a good sign as it depicts the initiation of the hair growth cycle.

5.      Numbness: No interventions are required for numbness and it can be treated on its own in few months which are not apparently troublesome.

General instructions to be followed after hair transplant

There are few general instructions advised to the patients for achieving the successful outcomes which include:

1.      Avoid consuming alcohol and smoking for at least a week after the procedure as it could impair the healing.

2.      Avoid aspirin for at least 5 days after the procedure.

3.      Avoid eating ice creams and spicy food for at least a week after the procedure.

4.      Strenuous activities like gym, swimming and weight lifting should be avoided for at least a month.

5.      Hot baths, steam and sauna should be avoided for at least a month.

6.      Avoid scratching and touching the newly planted hair grafts.

7.      Wear a loose cap while going outdoors so as to avoid the entrapment of dirt around the planted hair grafts.

How to pursue hair wash after hair transplant

Hair wash can be performed from the next day of the hair transplant procedure with following precautionary measures.

1.      Use the shampoo and lotion strictly provided by the hair transplant surgeon

2.      Do not throw the water directly from the mug for at least a week and instead use a cup.

3.      Do not scratch the newly planted hair grafts in the process of washing the head.

4.      Gently wash the head with fingertips without applying any pressure.

5.      Wash the scalp regularly to avoid any sort of dirt entrapment and ultimately infection.

Medispa hair transplant clinic not only ensures the perfect hair transplant outcomes but also stay beside you during the aftercare. If you have any queries related to hair transplant procedures and are looking for a remarkable experience of hair transplant then visit Medispa hair transplant clinic at Delhi and Jaipur.

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