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We, the parents of today’s fast running world are so occupied that our equation with our kids have changed drastically. Many a times it happens that we are so much into our work and specifically into our screens that without bothering what the kid has asked, we simply utter, uh-huh, yep, okay.

Yes, Mommies have faced situations where they have simply nodded or said yes on being asked the scariest questions like: “Mom, can I bring knife from the kitchen to cut this apple?” Now, what can be more bizarre and dangerous than to say YES to such questions, right?

You as a mom, as a parent can avoid such scene from happening at your place only if you keep your child engaged. Yes! If your child is busy, you can focus on your work without having to worry about his safety. But, how to keep him engaged? This is what you must be wondering about. Well, worry not, this blog will answer all such questions and will also guide you with some of the best ideas to keep you free and kids entertained at the same time. Some of these ideas are:

Let them paint

Colours are children’s best friend, they love everything colourful. Give them colours and see them bring out their creativity. Draw them something and then ask them to fill colours. Initially, you may need to get involved, but once the child will get interested, he will do it on his own.

LEGO toys 

Sit with your child to build something with LEGO toys. Kids get easily engaged in creating and dismantling LEGOs. All you have to do is, buy your kid a LEGO, teach him how to use it in building something, and leave the rest for him, he will not just get busy but will rather love to spend time with his toy.

Online magazines

Yes! There are several magazines for children available online and most of them are free.  These magazines will keep your child busy like nothing else can because: 

  • Being online, these magazines are interactive and fun; these have puzzles, online competitions, creative ideas, etc.
  • These can be accessed anytime and anywhere, hence your kid will not need your company if he has your smart device.
  • The best part is that these magazines for children are also educative. So, your child can learn while having fun.

While painting and LEGO toys will help him get creative, online magazines will help in the overall growth of your child. Get these magazines for your child and free yourself from the tension of him getting hurt. 

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