How to Keep Kids Safe at School?

by Vidyarpan The Digital Preschool India's First Digital Preschool

With increase influence of social media many viral videos are going around the Internet of bullies on buses, fights in the hallways, shootings, even sexual exploitation of kids by the school staff itself, observing all this one question arises "How safe is your child’s school"?. Hence the best play school in India is considered by the parents nowadays.

It’s a dangerous world across the board. We can keep the doors locked at night, but we can’t shield our children from every detail of day to day reality. School is a fact of life and makes the parents feel a bit scared once there young ones let go of their hands and march through the school doors without them. How safe is your child’s school? Check out some of the best play schools in Faridabad.

Measures that make sense for one school may not be necessary for another, and since preschools are notoriously cash-strapped, they may have to make tough choices. Following are some ways which can prove to be better for the kids at schools.

Locked front doors - Every school and child-care center needs to have secure access, there should be no chance for people to wander onto school property. Additional doors used by staff can be secured with card readers. During arrival and dismissal, staffers should be visible, supervising entrances and exits.

Visitor check-in - Everyone who visits a school building should sign in and out, so that school personnel always know who is in the building. Some schools issue visitor badges or special ID cards for parents or give them card-reader access which proves to be really effective as school personnel knows who is present in the school.

Security cameras - They help school staff watch over entrances and other parts of the school building, as well as keep a record of any suspicious activity. At the very least, one of these cameras should track the school's main entrance.

Classroom-door locks - Fire codes and old hardware can sometimes make it tough for schools to install locks on the inside of classroom doors to keep intruders out. But most find ways to overcome these obstacles and achieve a secured classroom. 

Shatterproof glass - Schools may consider adding this precaution or using film that covers existing glass and makes it bulletproof. It may not be practical everywhere, but some schools invest in this technology, at least for main entrance doors.

Franchise oriented model - This model is observing a great percentage of growth especially for the aspiring entrepreneurs. Playschool franchise in India is considered a safe model as the franchise is operated on well-defined and organized set of ethics of a well-established brand of school.

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