How to Keep Bottles from Breaking When Shipping

by Julia Nikolaus Content Strategist, Writer & Editor

It's no secret that broken bottles can be a costly and frustrating experience. Glass bottles and jars present a unique challenge when shipping. Not only are they heavy, but they are also fragile and don't hold up well in rough shipping environments. Fortunately, a few methods exist to prevent your precious cargo from possible damage, so your products arrive at their destination unscathed. Here are a few great ways to keep your bottles safe during transit.

#1 - Double Box Your Shipments

The "Double Boxing Method" is an effective way to prevent wine bottles from breaking during shipping. To do it, you'll need two boxes: an outer box and an inner box. Select an outer box at least six inches longer, wider, and taller than the inner box. The outer box will provide the cushioning material, while the inner one will protect the glass bottles. 

You can use a pre-made cushioning material like expandable foam, air pillows, or loose-fill peanuts. Pack the inner box tightly with whatever cushioning material you choose, then shake the box to make sure there is no space. Once you've filled the area between the two boxes with over-packing materials, it will protect the glassware from vibration and damage. After everything is securely packed, seal the boxes, and you're ready to ship.  

#2 - Use Bubble Wrap or Packing Peanuts

When packaging wine bottles for shipping, it is critical to use materials that protect the glass from breaking. Bubble wrap and packing peanuts are two materials that are effective in doing this. Bubble wrap has air-filled plastic bubbles that cushion and protect objects from bumps and drops. Some bubble wrap sizes are better suited for this task than others. So do some research before you buy.

To wrap a wine bottle, lay the bottle down on a sheet of bubble wrap. Then, fold the extra length of bubble wrap over the top of the bottle. Next, roll the bubble wrap around the bottle and secure it with packing tape. Make sure to add an extra layer of protection by putting the wrapped bottles in another plastic bag. If you're using packing peanuts, put a layer of peanuts in the bottom of a box. Next, place the wine bottles in the box on top of the peanuts. Add more peanuts around each bottle until they are all well-covered. 

#3 - Place Glass Bottles in a Sturdy Corrugated Box

If you plan to ship bottles or any other glass container, it is wise to use a sturdy corrugated box. The reason being is corrugated cardboard bottle boxes provide the best protection against shocks and vibrations, which can easily break glass. These boxes have a three-dimensional design that provides a compact and lightweight layer of durable cardboard, and they are more environmentally friendly than other packaging options. 

Corrugated packing boxes are sturdy and reliable. They can handle rough shipping environments extremely well and prevent the elements from compromising the integrity of your products. With the cushioned paper padding inside, they are better than plastic or wood because they're lighter, far less expensive, and easier to recycle. For this reason, corrugated boxes have become a popular go-to option for shipping bottles and jars.

#4 - Use Reputable Shipper Kits

Shipping glass bottles and jars with reputable shipper kits are the best way to protect your products from breakage. The most reputable shippers on the market use specialized inserts and packaging that provide bottles with a snug fit while in transit. Not only do they protect your valuable product, but they are also lightweight and reduce those costly shipping fees. In addition, these companies often offer tracking services so you can monitor where your products are in real-time. 

There are many benefits to shipping glass bottles and jars in quality shipper kits. Of course, the reduced risk of breakage comes to mind first, but there are others. These shipper kits are easy to assemble and allow you to save time and storage space. In addition, shipper kits keep glass bottles securely in place, reducing the risk of them tipping over or breaking free during transit. Ultimately, shipper kits are an affordable and effective way to ensure your products reach the customer in pristine condition. 

#5 - Consider Using a Wine Bottle Protector Bag

A wine bottle protector bag has durable material, such as plastic or cloth, which protects wine bottles from breaking during shipping. An air pump fills the columns with air and wraps around the wine bottle like a cocoon. Its design keeps bottles from shifting and moving around too much and protects them if they collide or get dropped by shipping personnel. 

There are several advantages to shipping wine and other glass bottles with a wine bottle protector bag. Most importantly, the air bubble cushioning prevents breakage and shattering. Second, the bag is lightweight and easy to store, making it ideal for shipping. And third, wine protector bags are durable and can be reused multiple times. Overall, they are an excellent option for shipping glass bottles safely, even in the roughest environments. 

Well, there you have it. When shipping glass bottles or jars, the most important thing is to keep the bottles from breaking. In this article, we’ve outlined five ways you can do that. You can use the double boxing method, reputable shipper kits, sturdy corrugated boxes, bubble wrapping, and wine protector bags. Which of these methods have you tried? What has been your experience? Let us know in the comments below!

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