How to increase the deposit size to borrow less on mortgage

by Molly Harris Molly Harris is a Mortgage Loan Officer

Home buying is a once in a lifetime experience for many. In the modern era that is full of challenges, it is not easy to own a roof. That becomes possible with the hard work of years. It is very natural to know that buying a home is always required to be backed up with a mortgage. However, that too is not easily attainable. So many formalities, so much effort and many days are necessary to invest.

Deposit – Presents its prime importance

As the first formality of buying a home, the deposit amount always proves its unavoidable presence. The minimum requirement is 5%. As you need a mortgage to make the big purchase, it is natural to yearn to have money for the bigger deposit than the minimum.

There are so many benefits of paying more as the down payment/deposit

·         You do not need to take a more significant amount on the mortgage

·         You can save precious pennies on the interest rates. By paying the deposit, you can save more on the interest rates and due to taking less amount of loan, the total cost remains low

·         The instalments remain small. Try to find the brokers that bring the loan deal on customised deals, for example, Shine Mortgages, John Charcol, Carrington Close Financial etc.

How to arrange money for a bigger deposit?

There are several simple ways through which you can gather a larger size of the deposit.

·         Bring budget planner in practice to create a monthly saving goal

Big changes happen with a change in small habits. To pay more for your home, you need to spend less and save more from the monthly budget. Usually, it is not easy to bring a sudden change in your monthly outgoings.

Here are the three essential functions of the budget planner-  

1)      It has separate space to mention how much you earn and how much you spend.

2)      Once you calculate the expenses, a breakdown of your costs shows on the (mobile/desktop) screen.

3)      At last, it gives crucial tips and suggestions to change your spending habits and save more.

·         Use your investments to change the game

If since long you are investing funds, then it is the right time to use it for an actual purpose. After all, investments are for future benefits. You have put money for years in something and now if its return can help you pay a sizeable amount of deposit, then why not?

Saving money is a great idea, but as the investments give faster returns, they can be a saviour. In whatever product you have invested the money, take it out and use for the purpose.

 If you have not even started investing funds, then start doing it right now. Go to a financial advisor and know about the most related options and start adding pennies into it. As you have started late, it is necessary to find a choice that gives higher returns in less time. However, in that case, you cannot neglect the risk factor, as most of the high return investments are full of risks.

·         Sell out a property

If you have a land, house or any other property, which is giving less or no returns, make it useful. Sometimes in the wait to get better gains in the future, we keep the features that are not very lucrative as a future investment. Why not use them for another useful purpose.

By selling off an old property, you can pay a substantial amount as deposit, which can bring a big difference. The price you get may not be according to your expectations, but you may think it is a loss. But look at the current scenario. The loss of one side is the benefit of the other hand.

By paying more on the deposit, you can save a HUGE amount on the interest rates and instalments. This is also a kind of profit, after all, your home is going to be more gainful than the property you want to sell. Do proper research of the market, find a broker to sell off the existing one and try to find the best possible price. If some renovation is required, go for it. To complete the bigger picture, you have to make small arrangements.

This is the actual thing

The efforts should be to find the maximum ways to get the higher deposit amount. More you pay for the new home, and more you can save on the mortgage. A loan obligation is best if it is in your control and does not dominate the income and as well as expenses. 

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