How To Identify The Best Air Purifier For Your Home

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Indoor stagnant air can be more polluted than outdoor air, or it could also be polluted due to air pollution outside. In either case, we are exposed to poor air quality which makes us vulnerable to many health problems. An air purifier is a specially curated appliance that can provide healthier and cleaner air indoors. An air purifier is a necessity, especially in case if the residents are prone to asthma, allergies, chemical sensitivities and have pets. 
Here are the governing factors to consider while identifying the Best Air Purifier for your home.
1. Room dimensions: Details pertaining to the expanse of the area that can be covered will be given. For figuring out the optimal air purifier, you will need to figure out where are you going to place it. The standard ones may suffice for the bedrooms and study, while you will need to install a larger one or two small ones in case of a bigger area. 

2. Clean Air Delivery Rate: CADR is an international standard that is a measure of how fast the purifier will take to clean the air for a given area of the room. Best air purifiers are those, which has a high value of CADR.

3. Filtration system: The filtration system is the fundamental building block of an air purifier. The basic models have a three-layer filter system comprising of pre-filter, HEPA filter and a carbon filter for eliminating pollutants and particles. Best air purifiers must have at least 5 to 9 layer filter system comprising of pre-filter, ESP filter, Molecular Sieve Media, HEPA/ ULPA, Activated Carbon, Cold Catalyst, and Fibre Filter. The quality of these filters is also a huge factor.

4. Pollution indicators: Best quality air purifiers give a digital display of the air quality of the room, helping you decide when to turn it up and down. However, the basic entry-level purifiers have a blinking LED instead, which is not as effective enough.

5. Remote control: Even though most of the best quality purifiers do not come with a remote controller, there are some pioneer ones in the market. Smart purifiers are also available, which can be controlled over the Wi-Fi.

6. Replacement of filters: Filter is the core unit on which the filtration of toxins happens. This would need to be replaced frequently, and it is better if you can figure it out beforehand without having to replace it time and again.

The time it takes to fully purify the air in a room is dependent on the room size, the purifier coverage, fan speed and many other factors. There are many more things to consider before buying an air purifier. You will need to have a good knowledge of the brands and their specifications and whether or not they comply with the factors above before making a wise choice.

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