How to Identify a Computer Printer Problem?

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This information on computer printer repair tells how a computer printer works or Repair of printers, what often goes wrong, how to identify a computer printer problem, and what parts and tools you will need to fix it. It then gives simple step-by-step directions for how to replace a computer printer ink-jet cartridge, how to clean and maintain an ink-jet printer, how to clean a laser computer printer. 

However, printers do break down just when you need them the most, so you should know how to perform some basic computer printer repairs. This information also refers to electrical cord repair if applicable.

How Does a Computer Printer Work?

A computer printer is an electronic component that gets data from a computer through a cable and converts the data into a series of small dots that form letters or images on paper.

There are three types of computer printers used by consumers: the older dot-matrix and the newer ink-jet and laser printers. Each print differently. The dot-matrix printer uses a print head with pins that strike the paper through a replaceable inked ribbon. The ink-jet printer, also known as a bubble-jet printer, contains a print head that moves back and forth across the sheet of paper, and then moves the paper up after each pass.

 The print head fires tiny jets of ink onto the paper to produce rows of dots that build up into images and characters. In laser printers, a laser or light-emitting diode (LED) flashes rows of lights on and off toward the printing drum to make images.

What Can Go Wrong with a Computer Printer?

Many printer problems can be solved easily. If a printer doesn’t work, check for a loose connection or a paper jam. Jammed paper can usually be pulled out from under the roller, called a platen, once you’ve unplugged the printer. Many problems can be solved by checking the software configurations (including printer drivers), by restarting or rebooting, or by cleaning and lubricating. If you doubtful a motor problem, however, you must have the printer serviced by a technician like Hamikun

How Can I Identify a Computer Printer Problem?

If the computer printer does not turn on, make sure power is on at the outlet, and then check to be sure that all cable connections are secure. Check the electrical cord. Also, make sure that the cover is closed properly.

If the printer turns on but does not print, or print is distorted, check software configurations. Then turn the printer off, wait a few seconds to clear the memory, and turn it back on. If necessary, reboot the computer.

If the unit still doesn’t print or print is distorted, check for a loose belt (dot-matrix only) and tighten, and remove and clean the print head (dot-matrix and ink-jet printers only). If necessary, install a new factory-authorized head.


You also can do self-test following instructions in the computer printer owner’s manual. If the test fails to identify the problem, contact a best service center to repair printer.

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