How to grow on Instagram by optimizing hashtags

by Janet J. Professional Vegan
Do you want to know how to grow on Instagram? Can you imagine a state of marketing on social networks in 2020 without hashtags? Hashtags have become one of the main tools to help the growth of Instagram profiles. Not only do they help social media users organize and categorize content, but they are also one of the driving forces of some of the best marketing campaigns of today.

We currently find and use hashtags everywhere. From our conversations both online and offline, even in television or radio ads and in advertising posters. Instagram hashtags continue to help millions of users discover content and new profiles or channels to follow each day. It has been shown that Instagram posts with at least one hashtag have 12.6% more participation than those that do not.

And although each Instagram post allows up to 30 hashtags, studies show that the optimal number of hashtags is 11. As you already know, users on Instagram usually search for #hashtags at the moment they want to discover content related to a topic, place, brand, hobby, etc.

Thanks to the link provided by the #hashtags in the content, they have become the main tool to grow your followers in an organic way. For example, if a user is planning a trip to #USA or wants to see images about a hotel in USA, they might find something similar to: #besthotelsinusa. It is very likely that you use this method to discover content, and therefore discover a profile like: @bestusahotels. And if this one is attractive, interesting or you see that it adds value, surely it will follow it.

How you can create an Instagram strategy based on #hashtags:

1. Select strategic #hashtags

Surely you are wondering: What are the best #hashtags you can use? How can you know if they are popular? Or how many people look for these hashtags?

To answer these questions and to create a good list and groups of #hashtags I recommend using a tool like Hashtagify. In its free version it allows you to search for any hashtag and provide you with information such as popularity, its monthly or weekly growth trend, related hashtags, the profiles that use it most, countries where it is most sought, etc...

2. Create your own #hashtags

In addition to using generic #hahstags, it is important that you use your imagination and creativity to create and promote your own #hashtags in your publications and stories. These should be unique, associated with your brand or services or products, and easy to remember.

The main advantage is that in addition to labeling your publications in an organized way, you will be generating and spreading at the same times your brand image that can be very valuable in the future. According to FameMass, 7 out of 10 hashtags on Instagram were customized by brands, companies or users. And each time they acquire greater importance as an ingredient within the Instagram algorithm.

3. Observe the #hashtags of your competition

Another technique that you will have to do is to discover and analyze that #hashtags are using your competitors or profiles similar to yours. This will allow you to learn from them, inspiring you to create and apply new hashtags that have already been tested and the strategies of other influencers are effective. One recommendation is that you start following these #hashtags, this way new content and profiles similar to yours will appear in your news feed. The use of these #hashtags will allow followers similar to yours to follow and discover your content.

4. Use #hashtags with emojis or emoticons

In 2015, Instagram announced the possibility of creating #hashtags with emoticons or emojis, allowing the audience to search for content related to these emoticons that we like so much. Due to its growing popularity, I recommend you include them in some of your publications allowing you to reach a much "more visual" audience. Think that today 50% of the texts and comments that appear on Instagram contain at least one or two emoticons.

5. Diversify, do not always use the same hashtags

It is important for the algorithm of Instagram that you vary the hashtags that you use in your publications. The more you diversify; you will be letting the algorithm know that your account offers different types of content and themes, which is very positive to obtain a better positioning of your account in Instagram searches. There are several tools that allow you to create different groups of #hashtags to make it easier to use each time you publish a publication.

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