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If you are a skinny guy there is nothing more frustrating than eating everything in sight and still not being able to put on muscle mass. Learning how to gain weight fast if you're skinny is made complicated because the truth is, you're getting bad advice. Most will tell you that in order to get big you have to eat big. This is just too damn simplified to have any real merit.

If you feel that you’re underweight and really looking forward to gaining weight, then it is very important for you to follow the right steps. 

While working out will help you gain weight by increasing the muscle mass, you should also focus on increasing your caloric intake gradually by calculating the number of calories you need to manage your weight gain. 

TIPS TO GAIN WEIGHT: Some nutrients and tips which will surely help you gain weight in a healthy way are-

One should not consume simple carbohydrates like refined flour, white bread, and white rice as they spike the blood insulin level and will eventually make you look fat. However, going for complex carbohydrates is the real deal here. Basically, complex carbohydrates are whole grains. Some of the best sources of complex carbohydrates are whole wheat, brown rice, oats, sweet potato etc.

Workout Regularly 
The workout is an important factor especially when it comes to gaining weight. This is obviously because you want to increase your muscle mass and not fat so it is recommendable that you follow your weight training classes religiously. It is an effective approach to grow muscles fast. When we do weight training, our muscles break and after we refill ourselves with proper nutrition, they rebuild stronger. This is how you grow. Keep your workout rigorous but short. Focus on heavy weights and lower rep ranges. Also, you need not emphasize on cardio training, doing cardio once or twice a week is more than enough.

Follow a High Protein Intake 
As you will be working out, you need a lot of protein. Some of the best protein sources are egg whites, chicken breast, fish, black beans, chickpeas, low-fat cottage cheese (paneer), soy chunks etc.

Be patient with yourself, do not set unrealistic goals. Focus on gaining 1-2 kilograms each month. Include all the food groups in your diet in a well-planned manner. Seek the help of a nutritionist as She/he will be able to plan a better and personalized diet chart for you as per your lifestyle.
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